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Zombie Attack (Roblox): FULL Guide

Have you ever wanted to be like Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead series? Well, here is your opportunity. Zombie Attack is a game where you can unleash your hunter spirit to shoot the undead and survive.

Zombie Attack is an action game that was created by Wenlocktoad vs Indra studio in December 2017, and since then it has gotten a lot of popularity. It has now more than one million visits to its website.

Your mission in Zombie Attack is to join your friends or other players and survive hordes of zombies. The good news is that you’ll have available tons of different weapons to kill all those brain-eaters so the objective is a little easier. Every new wave of zombies is harder to beat than the precedent but also you’ll be stronger and will have new equipment to fight.

When you defeat a zombie, you earn some money to spend in the shop. It is very important to win money because you will need to buy new weapons constantly. Your enemies will be more difficult over time and you will have to acquire more destructive guns and knives.

Zombie Attack Tips & Tricks

There’s one thing you need to know about Zombie Attack and that is that you can’t win the game. Your objective is just to survive as much time as you can, but eventually, you will die sooner or later. It’s just a matter of time.

In the middle of the fighting against the monsters, you’ll get coins, but you will also gain experience points that are very important too to level up your avatar in the game.

With money, you could buy one of the 34 different weapons that are awaiting you in the shop. Apart from that, as you go leveling up, your character will have more strength and life to survive. So you need this experience too!

All the Bosses in Zombie Attack

As we said earlier, in Zombie Attack you’ll have to beat armies of zombies. Always more and more. They are almost infinite. But, from time to time, a big and powerful boss will appear on the stage. That will happen when the last common enemy has fallen.

There are 6 types of final bosses in total. You will need all the help from your friends or the rest of the players to beat them. If you do it, you will get a lot of money to prepare yourself for the next zombie horde. But there’s something else.

When a big boss is defeated, you’ll get a lot of experience points, which is very important, and it will appear a boss pet too.

Boss pet? What is that?

Well is a little animal that will help your group in the battle with the enemies that are next to come. Any help will be welcome! Below you have the rewards that you will get beating every kind of boss:

  • Mega Tank:

250 $ and a mega tank pet.

  • Alien Leader:

300 $ and an alien leader pet

  • King Slime: 

500 $ and a king slime pet.

  • Dark Ghost: 

750 $ and a dark ghost pet

  • Demon Overlord:

1,000 $ and a demon overlord pet.

  • Dragon Beast:

1,500 $ and a dragon beast pet.

Combat advise surviving in Zombie Attack

It will be hard to kill all those annoying zombies, but if you follow these steps, it could be much easier:

  • Don’t be alone. You must stay with your team. You’ll be safer if other players are shooting the zombies at your side. Your chances to survive are much higher.
  • Don’t stay still. This is another great piece of advice. Zombies are all around, so keep moving is a must. You never know when they are going to attack you from the back.
  • If one of your companions die… ¡run! When that happens, he will turn into another zombie, and the worst part is that it won’t be controlled by AI but by the player.
  • It’s better to attack groups of zombies than isolated enemies. Don’t waste your power of fire. It’s much more effective to shoot to a whole set of zombies.
  • Observe the bosses. If you go fast to confront a boss without thinking first, you are going to die soon. Analyze his attack pattern and then, go hunting him.
  • Don’t get too confident. When you have leveled up, you could think that just a zombie is not a great enemy, but if it approaches you, you could die in just a moment. 

What are the best and worst parts of Zombie Attack?

Good elements:

  • Zombie Attack is a very funny game, but its amusement capacities are multiplied if you play online with your friends.
  • You have available a lot of weapons, items, and equipment to choose from in your adventure.
  • Zombie Attack has become very famous in Roblox, so there are lots of frequent updates from the developer team. New content is added very often.

Bad elements:

  • Sometimes, when the scene is full of zombies and player characters, the image can suffer a little lag, but it’s not a major problem.
  • Some animations in the game are not well done. It won’t affect your play, but it could be seriously improved

Zombie Attack Promo Codes

We are sorry, but there are no promo codes to use in Zombie Attack. You’ll have to defeat all the monsters all by yourself. Nobody told you that killing zombies would be easy.



Zombie Attack is a video game that lets you play like if you were in The Walking Dead chapter. Remember: the undead are pretty slow but they are deadly if they catch you!

You’ll have to fight against big armies of zombies, one after another, so you’ll need to buy stronger weapons and equipment to beat all your enemies and the final bosses. Join your friends or other players and try to keep yourself alive in the combat versus the undead.

How long could you survive?