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Viking simulator best codes

Viking simulator Roblox codes, this is one of the newest games of the Roblox platform, it was released on January of this year. As its name suggests this is a game that is about living as Vikings displaying all the their skills.

Undoubtedly, viking simulator has become one of the funniest and addictive games from Roblox platform, because it receives constant updates and it contains different worlds and challenges that players have to strive hard to overcome.

All players of viking simulator always want to find the most updated list of codes, because with it is possible to obtain pets and gold. That is why, in this article I will provide you the list of active codes and also I will talk more about the game and how you can play it.

Viking simulator active codes list

If you want to get Roblox Viking simulator codes you are looking in the right place, so I will give the list of active codes for you to be able to exchange in your next game. It is worthy to mention that these codes have been proved in the game and they work perfectly.

This is the list of Roblox Viking simulator codes:

  • Get a free pet:
  • DefildPlays Is Awesome
  • Austin Is Awesome
  • RazorFish Is Awesome
  • UndoneBuilderIsAwesome

Using this codes you can obtain many rewards that will enable you to continue to advance during a game, and of course you will also be able to unlock new areas and new items.

The rewards of each code are pets and coins.

How can you redeem Viking simulator codes

Redeeming codes is an easy, quick and simple process using the codes posted on the list before. In order to use them you must introduce the codes following these simple steps:

Step 1

The first thing you must do is to find the twitter blue icon that is located at the left of your screen. Then, after selecting the blue icon, a new window will show up similar to the next image:

Step 2

The second step is to introduce the code on the white text bar with the title ‘Enter Code here’, type in any of the codes you want to use, and then press enter.

Step 3

Now if you followed the first two steps, it’s done! At that same moment, you can get your reward.

The best of redeeming your codes is that you don’t have to quit the game, you can do it right there just by pressing the blue icon and introducing the code, in seconds you will be given your reward.

The reward for using the codes is a pet, and you will receive gold as a gift as well. The pet is very important if you want to defeat the villagers, it will accompany you wherever you go, it will go after you to protect you and watching your back.

You will always want to have as many pets as possible and you will always try to buy the best, the one with the best gold multiplier, so that you can keep buying the best weapons and protection items with all those coins you get from the codes.

Playing viking simulator – what you must do

Viking simulator is a game about vikings, do you know how they behave and what they do? Vikings are rude and very strong. In every island they arrive, they devastate all the goods and resources from the inhabitants. So, this is basically what you must do in this game.

To initiate in the game, you have to begin by destroying all what is in the island, boxes, doors, statues, everything what is on your way you must destroy it to get coins and buy new stuff.

Vikings must clear up the island getting everything what is in there which includes all properties, the villager’s goods, their houses, farms, doors, cans and so on. Moreover, what can give you much more money is to destroy the king of each island they visit.

What else Vikings do?

Although, it sounds a bit violent, you have to eliminate everyone, villagers and guardians. This is what will allow you to keep overcoming the challenges in the island until you defeat them all.

The avatars of the game that are controlled by the CPU, for example villagers will not defend. Therefore, it will be very easy to destroy them. On the other hand, the guardians will do attack you, so you must defend yourself.

As you start to destroy more and more stuff and people your bag will be filled up with coins. You must empty all those coins by buying new protection items for yourself.

What can you Buy?

I recommend you to buy first a very good weapon, so you can destroy things much easier and in less time. Also, try to buy new bags so you can store up much more coins.

Afterwards, you will be able to buy a better shield so you can defend better from villagers and when they attack you don’t lose much of your life and You can defend yourself.

You can  enjoy every label

In each island you can go ascending through levels as a viking what in turn will offer you a major gold multiplier. Also, you can buy new weapons to enhance your power as well as shields and increase your life.

In each island you must find the protected area and destroy the door. Once there you’re going to find a big treasure that contains certain amount of coins that you can claim daily.

In this game, neither you will to stay in just one place nor go through the same challenges. Every time you defeat the villagers in the island, you allow the game give you the chance to go to other islands that have their own obstacles and challenges.

How to arrive to other places?

To go to other islands you must get on a viking ship and travel to there. To enter each island, you are going to be asked certain amount of money, overcoming all the challenges in the previous island you will get that money.

In some cases, to enter an island you will be demanded to be in the highest rank of all the available for your viking, so be sure of equipping your avatar before traveling to the island.

Each island is unique regarding the items found in there, such as weapons, shields, bags and items. Moreover, the challenges and obstacles are unique too, therefore, they are not repeated in other areas. Pets are unique too and you can buy them in the shops.

Regarding one of the last islands called ‘Deadly Deandlans’ which is also known by its lovers as the inferno island, because of its appearance there is no villagers, but a lot of guardians, so take your best shield and equip yourself to the last level. For it’s really its guardians will become mad and will fight with you to the death.

The best thing of this game is that if you get tired of playing alone and want to show off all your skills with other players you can enter the area of PvP combat. By doing so you can show other players all your skills and most importantly you will make clear you’re the strongest viking.

Why you should play viking simulator

Viking simulator has become in one of the funniest simulators released by Roblox platform because it conveys very well the feeling of fury that comes from living as a viking.

Moreover, all the graphics and scenarios of the game are very well design which attracts the attention of every gamer, and at the same time it increases the desire of staying in the game.

Roblox calls the attention of gamers

Viking simulator is a game that can become really addictive, because it makes you grow the competitive spirit for players and the desire of wanting to demonstrate your skills to continue to advance in the game to get to the last island and overcome all the challenges.

If you want to compete with other people you can do it as well entering the combat area. Which is going to be very interesting because they will be fighting totally online proving your viking skills.

Playing viking simulator is very funny because the game maintains itself in constant advance, the Roblox platform always adds new updates bringing new unique stuff like islands and challenges. This undoubtedly is an important part because it keeps the players excited about what comes next.

Very dinamic Updatings

In one of the last updates Roblox platform released there were two new islands. One of these two new islands is called ‘Atlantic Ruins’ and the other is called ‘Floating Isles’. The update brought also new additions like weapons, shields and pets.

In the island ‘Atlantic Ruins’ you can find one of the new pets. This is the immortal pet which has the best and major gold multiplier that is helpful to protect you from guardians. This is the new pet that every viking simulator lover wish to have.

So, we invite you to try this game. We love this kind of simulator in Roblox. It is intuitive, addictive and very funny… In conclusion Roblox Viking Simulator has everything a game needs to catch any player and position among the best Roblox simulators.