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University student pays for his education thanks to a video game created at Roblox

While it is true that many people see in video games the opportunity to isolate themselves for a few hours from their personal responsibilities and duties, others take advantage of the skills acquired after learning their favorite game to generate income to meet their material needs in the real world.

Such is the case of a 19-year-old student named Josh Wood who revealed that he was covering his college expenses thanks to a video game called Game Dev Life that he created in his room and that has become one of the most successful games in Roblox.

Since its release in 2017, Josh’s game has been played a total of 1.1 million times.

According to Wood’s statements regarding his initiative, he said, “I started using Roblox as a player seven years ago, when I was 13, after my friend told me about a website, he had found that allowed you to build whatever you wanted.

Josh continued his story by saying “For about a year, I played games that other people had built until I realized that through the Roblox platform I could easily learn the programming language, Lua, and start developing my own.

After a search on Roblox’s wiki in conjunction with information from other open source pieces and a little help from his friends Josh felt he was ready to enter the world of game development by making his debut with what would be his first game: Escape.

Despite not having the success he expected, Josh was persistent and continued to refine his programming skills, joining forces with other developers to create projects.

In 2017, success would come for Josh with Game Dev Life, which attracted great attention within the Roblox gaming community, generating a total of 1.1 million in-game interactions to date.

In terms of how he makes money from the game, Josh explained that it comes from the operations players perform when buying in-game products or requesting a VIP gamepass with which they can have the opportunity to purchase additional cosmetics and other privileges, which guarantees Josh a share of these expenses.

Josh also indicated that he has signed a license agreement with Roblox through which he will produce a physical version of his game with which he expects to receive a portion of the revenue generated.

Although Josh did not indicate an exact number as to how much money he has earned from the game, he assured that it is a fairly high amount.

Josh said that his game enabled him to have enough money to start his own business when he was 17, which has now enabled him to cover his college tuition.

For those who want to follow in Josh’s footsteps, the student recommended starting with a small project.

To do this, Josh suggests making a basic prototype of the game idea and testing it with friends without stopping to think too much about the refinement process or adding all the features from the beginning.

According to Josh, listening to player feedback before the official release will allow the developer to get better feedback on what aspects of the game to improve or update.

Along with this, Josh also recommended working hand in hand with other developers as long as possible, making sure to surround yourself with people in the field who have different skills, as this will be very useful for getting advice and ideas as part of the feedback process.