What to do if Gmail has stopped synchronizing with Android

If Gmail has stopped syncing with Android and you are no longer receiving any of your e-mails, there is a series of steps that you could try on the app to fix this issue.

Gmail is the most used App by the Android users. There is a common issue that most users struggle with when having the App and it is that they don’t receive notifications about the emails on their phones, and if by any chance you are expecting to receive an important mail there, it could be frustrating.

If this is happening to you, it is probably because Gmail has stopped syncing with your Android Smartphone. Fortunately, if the app has actually stopped syncing, there are some steps that might help you to solve this problem out.

Check if the automatic syncing is activated

The most common issue is due to the deactivation of the option of automatic syncing, which is the one that is supposed to be letting you know about the received mails of your account. If this option is dorm, emails will just stop showing automatically, you won’t be receiving any notification; you will have to get in the app and refresh your page to see if you have received any message. That is why we are bringing you these steps:

  1. Open Gmail on your Android device.
  2. Press the settings options that is shown as three plain lines.
  3. Look for settings.
  4. Press on your e-mail account.
  5. Go down to the Mobile data option.
  6. Look for the synchronization option.
  7. In case it is not activated, press to activate it.

Manual Gmail App Syncing

Given the case where the automatic syncing wasn’t the issue, we will ourselves have to force the app to sync. It works with the same process as with the automatic one:

  1. Open the settings option.
  2. Look for the accounts.
  3. Look for the Gmail account you use.
  4. Get in it.
  5. Press on the syncing option.

Delete Gmail’s cache

If the Gmail App is amassing too much cache on your Android, it is posible that your smartphone’s performance will be affected and it might start running low or showing unwated and annoying notifications.

Due to this, we don’t receive the mails automatically the way we should. In this situation, you could always get to delete the App’s cache storage and you will begin receiving your email’s notifications like the before by following these steps:

  1. Open the settings option of your Smartphone.
  2. Look for the Apps button.
  3. Look for Gmail.
  4. Get in it.
  5. Look for the Storage button.
  6. Press on ‘’Delete cache’’.

Update the App

It is possible that the origin of the syncing error of Gmail has to do with an updating silent alert. It is usual on older versions of the App, that it starts suddenly to present some issues. By verifying if there is a new update available for the App and installing it, your problems might be solved.

Or there could also be this other case where you have already installed a new version of the App and there is where you start noticing some issues on the syncing part. If that is your case, you could always go back to dowload an older version of the App, to verify if that is the actual problem; and if it is that, Gmail will start working properly.

Are your notifications blocked?

Although, probably the issue is not that Gmail cannot sync, but that you have told the App not to show you notifications on your phone and, because of that you don’t get to know when you have received anything. You can always check if that is the case:

  1. Open the settings option of your pone.
  2. Get in Notifications.
  3. Look for Gmail.
  4. Verify that you have allowed it to show notifications.
  5. If by any chance you have muted it, activate it and you will be receiving your notifications again.

Power Saving or Mobile data activated

When we make use of the Power saving option or the one for the mobile data on Android, one of the savings movements is that your phone will inmediatelly stop the syncing option of texting Apps and E-Mails, such as Gmail. Owing to that, if you have activated any of those on your phone lately, you won’t be receiving any notifications, because you are allowing your phone to save energy from that automatic option.

By checking if any of these are activated on your pone, you can turn it off and get back at receiving notifications. Unless it is pretty urgent for you to save your battery duration or your mobile data.