The best wallpaper apps for Android

Our cell phone is practically a part of us, whether we want it or not; it has become so personal to us that we look for every possible way to personalize it, so that it reflects our tastes and personality.

In that sense, if there is something we like to change the most in our cell phone, that is the wallpaper.We are always looking for an attractive image to put on our screen. For this reason, we want to show you which are the best applications to download Wallpapers on your mobile, fast and free.

What is a Wallpaper?

You may think that a regular image is the same as a wallpaper, but the truth is that they have certain differences. When it comes to wallpapers, these are attractive images intended for a particular device.

For example, you can search the internet for computer wallpapers, or even cell phone wallpapers. What distinguishes both devices? Well, these images have predetermined resolutions for computers and cell phones, respectively.

In this case, mobile wallpapers have standard resolutions (or sizes) for these devices, such as 1520x720p to name an example. On the other hand, an Internet image can have any resolution, and therefore it would not be seen properly on our cell phone screen.

And as we mentioned before, the wallpapers are attractive images, with very colorful designs or simply nice.

Some of the best Wallpaper Apps

Up next, we will see some applications to download Wallpapers directly to our Android device. In Play Store there are many applications for this, but we have chosen some of the most downloaded and favorite of users.

Darkpops:  AMOLED Wallpapers:

If you are interested in wallpapers with few colors, this application would be ideal for you. The Darkpops wallpaper catalog is focused on dark tones. But it also has wallpapers with light touches of color. These images are very attractive, but they will also help you save your cell phone battery. In addition, many of their images come in 4k resolution.

It has a score of 4.2 and more than one million downloads.

Google Wallpapers:

As you can see, this application was created by Google. Wallpapers provides the option to select images from the collection of Google Earth, Google + and other similar services. If you configure the application, your cell phone’s wallpaper will change automatically.

It has a score of 4.0 with more than 100 million downloads.

Backdrops: Wallpapers:

Its developers, the Backdrops team, fill the application with hundreds of original and exclusive wallpapers. The images are found by categories, and you could share your own images or photographs. You could also create a collection of your favorite wallpapers and much more.

With a 4.1 in Play Store, it has already exceeded one million downloads.

Muzei Live Wallpaper:

If you are a person who appreciates art, you will love this application. With Muzei Live Wallpaper you can choose many famous works of art as your wallpaper. It also offers the option of blurring or dimming them to highlight application icons (if necessary).

Curious fact: If you touch the wallpaper twice, the application will open for you to admire the artwork completely.

It has a score of 4.2 and more than one million downloads.


Walpy is a very popular app for Android users. Its content is so extensive, that you can find very colorful but also minimalist wallpapers. Walpy offers the option to change the wallpaper automatically, without you having to do it manually; this is something that is quite appreciated.

But what stands out the most about Walpy is that automatic changeover. You can configure this app to change the wallpaper automatically when your cell phone is connected to a wifi network, or when it’s charging, or even when it’s inactive.

It has a score of 4.6 in Play Store and has more than 100,000 downloads.

Their functions

Every single one of these applications offers an extensive repertoire of free wallpapers with excellent clarity and quality. All these applications have different categories of wallpapers, so that you can navigate between the ones that attract your attention.

On the other hand, with these apps you could create a wallpaper playlist, or create a collection with your favorite wallpapers and share them in the application; you can also configure some apps to change the background automatically for a certain period of time. Finally, you can place a wallpaper for the home screen, and at the same time a different wallpaper for the lock screen.

Comparison – Which is best?

Well, if you are looking for beautiful wallpapers, with dark tones, and save battery power, the best option is undoubtedly Darkpops.

On the other side, if you want to have artwork wallpapers of excellent visual quality, there is only one name: Muzei Live Wallpaper. Also, if you have images marked as “favorites” within the app, Muzei will change the wallpaper for each of those images in the time you set.

But if you are a very varied user, who only looks for wallpapers of all kinds (dark, minimalist, colorful, landscapes, abstract style, outer space, geometric, etc.), then for you the best application is Backdrops.  Their repertoire is quite big, so you will find many different and unique wallpapers every day.

In addition, more recent wallpapers are added every day, both from other users (they must meet quality requirements to upload their images) and from the Backdrops team.

Where can I download these applications?

All these applications are available at the Play Store on Android devices. But to save you the task of having to enter the application and search for each one, we will leave you the direct links of each application in Play Store below. Remember that all these applications are free.

Direct links from each application in Play Store:

Darkpops: AMOLED Wallpapers

Google Wallpapers

Backdrops: Wallpapers

Muzei Live Wallpaper