How to play Among Us and how it works

Mystery and unsolved situations are the ones that tend to get people together the most, such as betrayal, murder and even becoming an accomplice, moving forward by creating alliances among the participants; these are just some interesting aspects that usually attract people to movies, series, books and games.

Intrigue, teamwork, suspicion, action plans and fun, these and more can be find on this versatile game called Among Us, which has been at its peak recently, once again. An American based game studio named InnerSloth has developed and published this videogame which is an online multiplayer social deduction game.

What has been curious is how it has become so popular during this last month, when it was actually created two years ago. Perhaps, during this universal pandemic, where we have been kept separated from our beloved ones, and friends and from our interactive activities on the outsides, this game has been a useful tool to keep our minds entertained and get closer to our friends from distance.

You might be wondering what makes this game such a cool thing to share with your friends… Well, it goes about teamworking, its goal is for the crewmates to identify the impostors, eliminate them and make maintenance by completing tasks around the map. If you plan with your friends to make a videocall while playing, you will be having such a fun time that you will almost forget everything that’s happening around you.

Among Us: Basic Stuff you need to know

Among Us is a mystery online multiplayer game, for four to ten players, it is usually compared to a classic and popular known party game named Mafia. Players are dropped into a Spaceship field, alien planet or into a sky base and they are given roles; you could end up being just another crewmate or a treacherous impostor.
During each match, the members of the crew of players must figure out which of them is the betrayer, a killer alien in disguise, and everything must be happening while the tasks are being completed by each of them, to maintain the space station in proper conditions.
Crewmates are meant to work as a team to place all the clues together in order to understand the death scenes, providing the role plays an experience to sense dread, panic and with its hopes put on reaching a group triumph.
There will be a group chat where the players are able to share their thoughts, suspicions and ideas. Something that might give this game a plus, is to play it while having an audio call with your friends through different apps. In this case, we recommend you to create a thematic group to play Among Us with your friends by call on an App called Discord, which you can get for free from the Google Play Store or the AppStore, and you can even use it from your computer.

Game Plot

There is danger in every mission, without distinction on the role you are playing, it doesn’t matter if you are just another crewmember or an impostor, you can get killed or accused and expelled, that is why being careful and bold is one of the main aptitudes a gamer should have.
Crewmembers’ cosmic research attempts will be frustrated and they will be risking their lives every minute, if they are not the impostor and end up alone in a room with one, they risk suffering terrible fates of mutilation.
About the Impostors, what it has been speculated so far by the game’s fandom is that they are the enemies of the MIRA employees (the crewmembers of the Spaceship). Players who control the Impostors have access to vents, while crewmembers don’t. Which means that the Impostors have the ability to shapeshift, counting with this unique mode of camouflage.
The game moves on a fluid and calm way until suspicions begin to rise, it usually happens when a crewmember has found a dead body or has probably witnessed a crime, which gives them the opportunity to call an emergency meeting so everyone can start arguing about their hunches on the group chat that’s part of the game’s screen already.
Now, keep in mind that the Impostors will be part of the conversation, meaning that they must be caught red-handed to be proven guilty. Players have to be pay attention to every suspicious movement on each other’s activity to find out if they are doing something strange, which could point out who the impostors are.
And also, a quick disclaimer, being an impostor can be way funnier than the other role, you will be constantly trying to keep a low profile, being subtle and seeming innocent, while messing up everything the crew is getting done, by sabotage and trying to confuse them pointing to someone else to make them look like they are the impostors. Playing bad will always be more interesting.

How to play Among us?

Fortunately, Among Us is free and you will be able to play both, games with friends and open games with players from all over the world.
The game begins and everyone is inside the ship, with several missions assigned to get done and there will be a small map available for you to tell which the parts of the ship are, (which change depending on the chosen platform).
If by any chance you are a crewmember and run into a corpse, you should report it immediately, the game will get temporarily paralyzed and everyone will proceed to vote who may have been the one who made the homicide, to get rid of the impostor.
On a hypothetical case where there is a tie in votes or the imposter hasn’t been discovered, the game will continue. The remaining players will continue getting their missions done and those who have died, should be doing the same on their phantom form. If suddenly you have a clue on who the impostor might be, an emergency meeting can be called to force the vote or argue about it.
A cool trick for Impostors is that they can also go on missions to disguise themselves, pretending to be doing tasks, while sneaking through trap doors to escape. And hey! Don’t ever use a vent while another player is on the room, or then, they will know you are the impostor.
The game’s design is very simple and unpretentious, which makes the game able to run properly on any phone. The controls are basic, you just have to move by pressing the screen and interact with the small tasks menus. When someone gets killed, there is some blood, but with the game’s aesthetic design, making it look like a cartoon, makes it not excessively violent and allows it to be available and suitable to a wider audience.

How to get Among Us

Among Us is available for free to be downloaded on Android, iOS and PC. An aspect to take into account, in Google’s operating system it is 70 megabytes in size and requires Android 4.4 KitKat to work, on iOS, the size goes up to 189.5 megabytes and it is necessary to have iOS 10 or later. The game is free and doesn’t have advertising, although there are micropayments for skins but that is choicely.
Get it from the Google Play Store of the AppStore.

Game Updates

Some of these updates are already available. They include some subtle changes, counting with a system that prevents both cheating and spam, to make the game experience more reliable.
In addition to that, there are new options, which include an anonymous voting function and a fixing to the taskbar, which will only update in meetings or appear completely invisible. Besides that, there is going to be a new anti-spam system and some symbols have been added to the cables, so it would be easier to be used for the color blind gamers.