How to lock my mobile device?

Privacy is something that we all want to be respected, especially on our mobile devices. There is always a curious person who wants to grab your device without your permission, just to check what you have there. Sometimes we let someone use our phone because, he needs to make a call or send a text message. In those occasions is when our privacy can be exposed. It is not only because of that, but for some other motives, we must implement security mechanisms on our devices. For this reason, some blocking mechanisms have been created that allow you to maintain a good security.

We invite you to continue reading, so you be familiar with some of the steps that you must follow. If you want to lock your mobile device and keep it safe, keep reading this article!

Via device settings

All mobile devices, particularly smartphones, have a special function, which, allows their owners to implement various systems of security. These functions are very useful and they are safe enough and, they will keep intruders away from your personal files.


A fairly common way to implement safety for your device is to set a security PIN. It can guarantee security, but it is a quite obsolete option. This method has its weaknesses because, it can be violated. Therefore, it is not very used among users.


Despite being one of the most used security mechanisms, it is one of the least secure. The fact is that, if anyone sees the movement you are making when you are entering the pattern, he or she can memorize it. For that reason, we encourage you to select another safer option. In addition to it, this mechanism may not be very advantageous for you, since, if you enter the wrong pattern by mistake, you may block the device almost permanently.


This mechanism is very secure; you can combine letters and words to establish a password. It can be quite secure and it will guarantee you that, almost nobody can guess it. However, like everything else, it has its weakness.


We would not say that it is the safest method, but Face will guarantee a large percentage of safety. You only have to register your face in the device, and then you just need to stand in front of the device so that it captures your face. This app will confirm that it is your face, if so it will unlock the device. As a backup method, you can also set a password in case it becomes impossible to capture the face, as it happens when there is no enough light.


It is the most common and also the safest mechanism today. This option will guarantee 100% security on your device. It consists on registering your fingerprint on the device. Then, each time you want to unlock your device just place your fingerprint on it and, ready unlocked. It is very important you keep in mind that, to make use of this option you will need to have a mobile device with a fingerprint reader. Nowadays, most of the phones that are being created have this locking system.

Steps to set a lock method

To set a lock mechanism on your device, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. First, position on the menu of your device.
  2. Second, enter the Settings application.
  3. Then, look for the Security option.
  4. After that, enter the privacy and blocking section.
  5. Now, select the option you want to use.
  6. Finally, provide the data requested.

Ready! With that, it will be enough for you to set a lock system on your device; it will prevent your files from being exposed.