How to download GTA San Andreas APK on Android devices

One of the great classics in the world of video games, is undoubtedly GTA San Andreas. All the people who had a PS2 console know this game, and it brings back good memories. For this reason, a few years ago, the world was totally impressed: The game was announced for mobile devices, both for Android and iOS.

The idea of being able to carry the big world of this game in a pocket device is simply mind-blowing. If you just found out about this version, and want to know more about it, stay here. In this article, we will explain you how to download and install this game step by step, so you can start having adventures around the famous map of “Los Santos”.

If all of this is new to you, we want to give you a little introduction to this incredible title.

About this game

First released on October 26, 2004 for PS2 consoles, and December 19, 2013 for Android devices. GTA San Andreas is an “open world” game developed by Rockstar Games. In the game, we will control the main character CJ (Carl Johnson) a retired gang member who decides to return to his neighborhood with his old gang after hearing about the death of his own mother.
Throughout the game, we will complete a variety of extreme missions, receive rewards, and our character (CJ) will improve his conditions. If you increase your “Respect”, the NPCs in the city will treat you better. The actions you take with your character can also have consequences, for example, if you eat in restaurants too often, you will gain weight quickly, and in this case it is best to train in a gym.

GTA San Andreas is well remembered by its fans for the incredible amount of character customization options the game presents. We can dress our character with a variety of clothes, have our own car and even choose a haircut. It is one of the most free and role-playing Rockstar games out there, and to this day we haven’t seen anything like it again.
The plot is set in 1992, and the game is inspired by the life, culture and environment of the gang members at that time. In fact, on the radio of the vehicles we drive in this game, you can hear a lot of popular songs from that time, with recognized artists such as Ice Cube, Eazy-E or even Snoop Dog.

How to download GTA: San Andreas on Android devices

If you can’t wait to start playing it and want to know how to install it on your mobile device, don’t worry, in this section we will talk about all the details you need to know to do so.
First of all, we must inform you that you can easily download the game from its official Google Play page, or App Store (if you are an iOS user). However, both of these versions were released with a price of 6.99USD.
If for some reason you can’t afford this price, don’t worry, there is a way to download this game for free with APKPure with the following steps:


  1. From your Android device, go to your browser, where you will search for the APKPure installer to download it.

If you want to make this step faster, you can go to the direct download of APKPure by tapping here.

  1. Once the download is complete, go to your file manager, then, look for the location of this file.
  2. When you find the .apk file, tap on it, a menu will appear, here, you will tap on the “Install” button and wait for the process to finish.
  3. When the installation is complete, return to your browser, and this time, search for “GTA San Andreas APKPure” and enter on the result that matches the APKPure page.

However, you can tap here to go directly to this website.

  1. When you have loaded this page, tap on the “Download XAPK” button that will appear near the name of the application.
  2. When we touch this button, it will ask us if we want to execute this action with any app, where we will select “APKPure”.
  3. The game will start to download, and will install automatically. When this is finished, you will be ready to start playing.
  4. (OPTIONAL) Once the game is already installed on our device, we can uninstall the APKPure application, since it is not necessary to have it.

Keep in mind: The mobile device will need to have about 2.5gb free to install this game.

Best Tricks

If you already knew this game, you will remember how great the variety of tricks it allowed us was. The good news is that the mobile version also includes them.
We are going to present you the best tricks of this game for this version. But, before going into detail, we must warn you that you will need an external keyboard application to enter the codes. You can also use a keyboard that connects to Bluetooth.


Overcome any mission immediately: BYIXZIY
Weapons set 4: BIEUHQY
CJ Invincible: GONPXWR
Advance 4 hours: YACKMWS
NPC descriptions: JQFUDUB
Infinite Ammo: FULLCLIP
Statistics to the max: NATURALTALENT
Remove search level: TURNDOWNTHEHEAT
Maximum respect: WORSHIPME
High jumps: CANGURO
Weapon skills at their best: PROFESIONAL
CJ never gets tired: CVWKXAM
Rainy weather: AUIFRVQS
Very sunny weather: TOODAMNHOT
Cloudy weather: CFVFGMJ
Vehicle Explosions: CPKTNWT
No traffic: GHOSTTOWN
Any car with nitro: SPEEDFREAK

Advantages of this app

There are more reasons to install this game, and we will mention them:


The graphics are remodeled and in high resolution, as well as their textures. It includes improvements in lighting, dynamic shadows, and this version also features improved design of the hands on the characters. If this is too much for your device, you can modify the graphics to increase the performance of the game.

Gamepad compatibility

If you are not used to touch controls, you can use any additional gamepad. This way, you will play more comfortably. You can use a controller connected by USB, or use a wireless controller with Bluetooth function.

Control location.

If you want to use the touch controls, you can customize their position. Within the settings, select the location of the touch controls that is most comfortable for you. You will have a better experience.

Lenguage variety

The game is available in a variety of languages that you can change to your preference (these changes will only affect the text and subtitles of the game).

Other differences between the PC and Mobile version

The game contains a certain amount of differences between the PC and phone version, both good and bad. It is important that you take them into account:

Songs removed

Many songs from the radio were removed in this version. This happens because certain record licenses granted to this game have already expired.

Mission Checkpoints

To make your experience less frustrating, missions now have Checkpoints. However, this can also annoy more experienced players.

Money Counter

The well-known extra zeros on the money counter were removed.

Ambulances and firetrucks

Ambulances and firetrucks no longer attend NPC emergencies.


Wasted weapons by the player will no longer be banned after admission to the hospital.

Sprites removed

Certain sprites were removed in this version, such as grass and foliage.

Is it worth it?

You probably have this question now, and we are here to solve it. If you ask us, the answer is yes: GTA San Andreas for Android is worth it. Perhaps it is not the best existing version of the game, however, the possibility of accessing the great map of “Los Santos” at any time with our mobile device, is something that many years ago nobody would have ever believed. Perhaps the worst thing for many people is the touch controls. In this case, we recommend using a Gamepad for a more comfortable experience.
In conclusion, it is a good app for fans. However, if this is your first experience in the game, then we recommend that you play the PC or PS2 version instead.