Create a backup on Google Photos

One of the most essential tools this App offers is to backup pictures and videos, among other stuff, on a safe online ‘’cloud’’. It is important to know how to configure it properly.

First of all we have to activate the security backup on the App, where you could also specify which albums you want to upload on it and if we want to use it with wifi only or mobile data. There we have a variety of options to choose.

Activate the backup process

  1. Open the Google Photos App.
  2. Press on your profile picture.
  3. Get in settings.
  4. Select security backup and synchronization.
  5. Activate the backup copy.

Choose the quality

Google Photos allows you to specify the quality you would like to have on your backup. This way you can choose if you want to upload and keep your photos with the highest quality there is or if you want it lower, depending on how much storage you are planning on occupying on your account.

  • High Quality: By compressing photos, the quality of the picture is reduced, this way they will be 16Mpx and the videos will remain their full HD resolution. In this case, the backup is unlimited because it doesn’t take up storage space.
  • Original Quality: You could also save your videos and photos on its original quality so, if the picture is more than 16 Mpcx, it would be saved on its original quality. This type of backup occupies more storage, which means that it is limited.

Mobile Data or WiFi

The App allows you to pick if you want to use your mobile data or WiFi to do the backup security copy. If you have a limited tariff mobile data, the best choice for you  is to use WiFi; specially if you are looking forward to save your backup copy with the highest quality, which would be heavier and would consume much more at the time of making the backup copy.

Albums to copy

At the moment when you will be making your backup copy on Google Photos, the App will allow you to choose which albums and folders you want to be saving. You can pick between different albums, such as Screenshots, WhatsApp Pictures or Instagram.

Free up space

As time goes by you will be accumulating tons of pictures on your Google Photos copy. If you have limited storage, it would be helpful if you seldom free up some space manually. That way, those images that have already been saved on your backup copy get deleted, letting space for new ones. Just like that, you will be keeping your photos protected for every second, and your storage won’t suddenly get full.

  1. Open the App.
  2. Press on your profile picture.
  3. Get in settings.
  4. Look for the option to free space.
  5. Press the button to free up space.

Manage your notifications

Google Photos is an app that sends multiple notifications for different reasons. The good aspect of it is that the App allows you to manage them, you are able to choose which notifications will be shown and which don’t. We know it is possible that there are some notifications you don’t want them to appear on your notification center, this way you can control them:

  1. Open the Google Photos App.
  2. Press on your profile picture.
  3. Get in settings.
  4. Look for the Notifications option.
  5. Select which notifications are allow and which aren’t.