Get a temporary email online with Inboxes

Using email services these days is a must when it comes to different aspects of life, and these type of messages acquire greater importance in formal fields like work, studies and others since a more strict and precise way of communication is needed. Due to this, to protect our personal email account we should not provide it in any website we get across when surfing cyberspace. 

However, we tend to forget that fact and we start giving access to our personal email account to different online services and sites that require it, in order to sign up and log in. Therefore, in no time we are going to begin dealing with SPAM and other related issues that can be even more severe, such as phishing and malware infections due to trash mail. 

Fortunately, there is a way to deal with SPAM and other situations by avoiding providing access to our personal email accounts. This is done through temporary email platforms available online, such as Inboxes; the website in which you can create a disposable email container to receive confirmation messages and codes to access service online, but without giving private information in any case. 

First steps to start using Inboxes 

Inboxes is the platform in which you can create a temporary email account, with messages that last up to 7 days, while the actual email address gets destroyed after 30 days. After that, there will be no trace of messages whatsoever, protecting privacy and leaving us free from SPAM and other situations. 

To start, just open your favorite internet browser and enter the URL address, and automatically the platform will load. The only recommendation respecting this step is to use updated browsers to their latest versions for better support and stability. 


This platform is designed to be very simple to use and with every process automatized for ease implementation, even for those who are not that familiar with online services or computers at all. Also, this approach is perfect for those users who do not want to waste time with customization options, since default operations are equally functional. 

For example, at the moment you enter the platform will create a default account and will be ready to go and receive messages. Such account is shown at the top and in this case is “”


Also, at the home page is also shown the inbox at all times for easy checking on new messages, which is placed easily at the center of the page. When there are no messages received the “Nothing Here Yet” sign appears.


Different functions placed at the left panel in Inboxes 

Inboxes is developed under the approach of user-friendly and simple operation, and for these every function must be available at all times. To do that, the platform includes a left panel where every possibility and operation is in there. It can also be considered as some sort of general menu. 

temporary email

To begin with, the first option is “Message List” which also refers to the inbox and home screen, being the page that loads since you access the platform. You can return all the time to inbox and home screen for new messages through this option. 

Temporary email

The second option is “Copy to Clipboard”, and by clicking on it the email address will be copied for simpler sharing. Right next to the address placed on top there is an icon with two sheets that performs this function as well. 



Moving along, the third option in the left panel corresponds to “Refresh” and reloads the page when is clicked, being particularly helpful when you are waiting for an important message and you need to check that arrived. 

Refresh inboxes

The next function is very important and convenient. You see, even if Inboxes is designed to function almost automatically and generate default accounts for users not to worry, it is possible to change email addresses and take advantage of customizable names for better sharing and simplicity respecting remembering them. 

If we click on “Change Inbox Address” a new page will load asking us to enter a new custom account, allowing also to select a domain from a variety of options. In this case we will choose the email address “MikeMcAdams2019”. When you finish writing the address click on “Change Inbox” in the green button and the page will reload and replace the account with the new one. 


email temporary

At the top we will be able to see that the email address changed and now this is the one to share, being easier to remember. 

email address changed

The last options in the left panel are “Empty Inbox” and “Install Chrome Extension”, and as they say the first one clean the inbox completely, while the other allow to install a Chrome extension is that is your preferred internet browser, which enables the platform to be always present without getting into the website. 

inboxes extension

There are other miscellaneous options at the bottom of the left panel that are related to support, TOS and privacy policies that are always valuable to check in case of doubt. 


Getting new messages in Inboxes 

Since we have the inbox always available receiving messages is quite easy, showing the emails received instantly and right there in the inbox. Every message shows subject, time of arrival and sender, and obviously if we click on the message this will be open in details showing text and content, as we can see in the images below. 


Inboxes Email Temporary
Getting new messages in Inboxes Email temporary

Unfortunately, we will not be able to answer messages of send emails through Inboxes, since the platform is designed as email container. However, there are a few actions you can perform while you are reading a message. 

Right at the top of the message you can click in “Delete” to remove the message for good, and if you click on “Back” the platform will return to the inbox, in case you need to check on new messages or carry out other different actions.