Best Temporary email services

Many times, when accessing the content of a page or wanting to purchase a product or service online, it is necessary to go through a registration process to carry out any of these actions.
We do not always wish to provide our email address on every page that requests it, either for security reasons, to maintain anonymity or to prevent our email inbox from being flooded with offers and promotions that do not interest us at all.
This is where temporary emails come in, a tool with which you can solve this situation in order to avoid the inconvenience of providing your real email address for certain types of pages where you do not wish to do so.

What is a temporary email?

This refers to an email address which has the particularity of having an expiration date and can be created without the need to go through a registration process or generate a password to log in with it, thus differentiating it from other similar services such as Gmail.

What is a temporary email for?

Considering the ephemeral character of the temporary mails it is necessary that you establish an appropriate end for the use of this resource, being these, some alternatives:

Registering on websites that can sell your data to third parties
Do you want to explore the content of a website, but it requires you to register in order to do so? You probably have no choice but to succumb to this request, even if you suspect that your data will be sold to third parties.
With a temporary email account, you can feel free to register on any page. This way you will be avoiding using your real email address and protecting it from being invaded by malicious mail.
Using your email address on a public website
In case there is a situation where you need to use your email address on a website where it can be seen by anyone or obtained by bots that collect email addresses to generate spam, you can resort to using a temporary email as a solution.

To sign up for applications

It is increasingly common to come across applications that require the user to go through a registration process in order to use them.
If this is your case and you will only use the application once, then temporary email will be an appropriate alternative to use. You may also have the opportunity to change the email address linked to your account if you decide to change your mind later.

Avoiding your real email inbox to be saturated with offers
You enter an online store where you found a product you need, but you don’t want to link your real email to it in the registration process in order to avoid your inbox being bombarded with related offers. Simply use a temporary email account and case solved.

Advantages of temporary emails

Temporary emails are a useful alternative to minimize the risks of becoming a victim of identity theft.
Another advantage present in temporary emails is that they can be quickly and easily deleted in case third parties are making use of them without the owner’s authorization, an option that can be useful in case someone has included your temporary email address in a spam list or it has been obtained by spammers.
The dynamic that governs the operation of a temporary email is that usually the messages created there are forwarded to one or more real email addresses where the receiver user receives and reads the messages.
In this way when you provide your temporary email address to someone to send you messages there you are ensuring that this person does not know your real email.
On the other hand, there are temporary email services that have a function that allows you to determine if there are one or more contacts misusing an email address. This is an effective way to track phishing messages or fake emails.

Temporary email vs. traditional email

Generally, the owner of a temporary mailbox provides its address to a contact or entity only once, so if you change to another temporary e-mail address you need only notify one contact.
Unlike the above, in a conventional email address it must be provided to multiple contacts. Because of this, if the person changes to a new email address, they will have to notify all contacts added to the previous email address to update their records, which can be a tedious task.
When a temporary email receives a message, whose content is not malicious, it is forwarded to real email addresses. Otherwise, there are different alternatives to be applied to the malicious message such as sending it to a special tray, to a recycle bin or, it can be marked for spam filtering.
Also, a temporary email allows the user to change the actual address to which it is linked.
Simply notify the temporary mail service provider of your request to change the real address. This can be useful in situations such as leaving a college or company. By doing this, your temporary email address will still provide you with the same benefits as always.

Best Temporary Email Services

After knowing what temporary emails are about and all the information related to this tool, it is time to present some of the best options that exist in this category.
Each of these will give you the opportunity to use a temporary email to sign up for pages that you do not want to receive unwanted information in your real email box or that could put its integrity at risk. The most used temporary email services are:


Create your temporary email at TempMail, a site where you will have the opportunity to receive and send messages without the need to use your real email, all anonymously. Thanks to TempMail you can register for any online service or receive confirmation codes to activate or use a certain application.

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Very easy to use and display compatible for mobile devices, this is 10MinuteMail, a service to create temporary emails, which, as its name indicates, will only have a duration of 10 minutes from the time of its creation.
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EmailOnDeck is a free and easy to use service for creating temporary emails that can be used to send messages anonymously that will be destroyed minutes after they are received and read by the receiver.
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Guerrilla Mail

Through this service, users will have the opportunity to create and send messages with a short duration, as well as receive messages from online services that require verification, all without having to provide your real account, thus avoiding being a victim of messages with malicious content.
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With Inboxes you will be able to use its interface to create a temporary mail that will allow you to receive and send messages with a duration of 7 days, time in which these will be destroyed.
Inboxes will allow you to keep your real email account protected from receiving spams, phishing or bombing messages coming from pages whose service is not of interest to us.
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At Mohmal you will find the ideal tool to create a temporary email with which you will receive messages for a period of 45 minutes, whether you need to obtain a confirmation code or information from a website that we wish to use sporadically.
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Through Mytemp.mail you will have the opportunity to obtain a temporary email that serves as a receiver of all those messages generated as a result of subscriptions to service pages of which you are not a regular visitor or that tend to flood your inbox with a large volume of unwanted mail.
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Tempail is a site where you can have the opportunity to create a temporary email to which you can assign the reception of messages that you do not want to receive in the inbox of your real email address. It should be noted that the mail created can only be used for one hour.
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Temp Mail Address

Continuing with the best temporary email services is Temp Mail Address, a page where you can receive messages from pages where you want to get a service, a product or access specific information.
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Without registration process, without passwords and with an auto-generated inbox in seconds, this is what you will get in Yopmail, a platform where you will receive all those emails corresponding to the registration process of different pages where you want to get a service or product, thus avoiding that they are sent to your real email.
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