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Speed Run 4 (Roblox): FULL Guide

There are some people who love to play video games full of platforms, impossible jumps, and extreme coordination between brain and hands, testing themselves to complete the hardest circuits. Well, if you are one of them, then you are in good luck. You will love Speed Run 4 too.

The game was created by Vurse and it began in the distant year 2014. That’s why we are now in the fourth edition of the title. It is classified as an adventure, but it’s more a hardcore platform game. Its compilation of complicated levels made to run, jump and do stunts has engaged lots of players in the Roblox universe.


Speed Run 4 is a colorful game with lots of challenges for most pro gamers. It is designed to be a hard experience that you’ll need to repeat and repeat many times. The final victory is reserved for the best, but you have to have nerves of steel, or you’d rather throw your device through the window.

If you like parkour and making acrobatics, it’s clear that this game is made for you. But it won’t be easy at all. You have 30 levels ahead and each one is harder than the previous one. Are you ready and skilled enough to finish all the levels? Not many people can reach the final scene. 

Speed Run 4 Tips & Tricks

Well, let’s start this section by telling you that, in reality, there aren’t 30 levels… but 31. Yes, there is a special final level that will only appear when you think you have reached the end (but no). That 31st level is really hard, and you’ll need to invest a lot of hours practicing almost impossible jumps at top speed.

But, don’t stress yourself. Before you arrive at that level, you must pass the rest of the levels in a logical increasing difficulty that will provide you with enough skills to confront the final challenge.

Most of the time, while playing Speed Run 4, you have to worry about your avatar not falling into the void. Despite that, it will happen to you many times. Every time you fall you’ll do better the next try.

That’s part of the mechanics of the game and part of your learning path, although it can be very frustrating. You’ll have to measure each jump, and you will hate rainbows and water areas, I can tell you. It’s like a nightmare.

Completing the levels in Speed Run 4 

At Speed Run 4 you’ll play in many different areas. No two are the same: from beach levels to mechanical scenarios and outer space-based phases. There are no repetitions and it’s really fun to see every new level. You can race versus other players or friends or against the timer. 

Throughout the areas, you’ll find some tickets, cards, and loots that you should collect. They will increase the skills of your character so you can be the best runner in the game.

It will be very complicated to get all the items you can see in the levels as you’ll be making difficult jumps and running very fast. Some of them will be real challenges, but they are the key to win the game.

The first 10 levels are like an introduction to the mechanics, and then the difficulty will increase progressively, but from level 20 is where things get really tough and no mistakes will be allowed. If you find yourself there falling one time after another, don’t worry (too much): this is what it was expected to happen.

Could you get to the final level and be the fastest runner of all?

What are the best and worst parts of Speed Run 4?

Good elements:

  • It is a funny and clean game, suitable for all audiences.
  • Speed Run 4 is a game of skill, and it will improve your reflexes.
  • It’s a fast and entertaining game. It will satisfy your needs for quick gaming.  

Bad elements:

  • Speed Run 4 has no major bad points. The only thing we could ask is better graphics, but what you get is more than enough for the kind of game it is.

Speed Run 4 Promo Codes

This video game does not have an abundance of promo codes like other Roblox games. In fact, you only have two of them. If you are really interested in getting more codes to use in Speed Run 4, we recommend you stay alert to the creators’ Twitter account:

  • OOF
  • Moon 



Speed Run 4 is a dementia game that will push you to the limits. Do you like hard platforming games like Super Meat Boy or Super Mario Maker? If you answered yes to the question, then you’ll love this video game.

You have to run across 30 hard levels at full speed competing with other friends or just with yourself, and don’t forget to get all the items you meet to be even faster. If you have the patience and skills needed to complete all the areas, you’ll be the master of speed run.

Are you able to reach the final goal?