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SharkBite (Roblox): FULL Guide

Are you a fan of the film Jaws by Steven Spielberg? Have you ever imagined what it could be to run away from a shark in the middle of the sea? Or, even better, did you ever wondered how would you feel playing as a shark to eat all humans that get in your way?

If the answer is yes, then SharkBite is the perfect game for you.

SharkBite has a pretty descriptive name. It’s a very popular video game for Roblox which soon engaged with millions of players around the world. It was created by Abracadabra Studio in 2017 and it has a very particular proposal.

This is an online multiplayer video game that is very similar to ManEater, the popular title in Xbox, PS4, and PC. Here 15 players need to survive in the sea to a hungry shark aboard of all kinds of aquatic vehicles: ships, motorboats, canoes, etc.

The novelty this time is that one player can take the role of the shark and go hunting the others. By playing as a shark, you can attack the ships, bite, and destroy them. All to try to get humans to fall into the water and finally eat them.

Meanwhile, the humans will try to escape, swimming from one boat to another and trying to kill the shark with their weapons, but it’s very difficult to aim at a moving target while you are on the sea!

It’s very easy to play. The game is decided when the time is out. If the shark eats all the sailors, the shark wins. Conversely, if the humans kill the shark or they are alive when the time ends, they win.

SharkBite Tips & Tricks 

The mechanics of SharkBite are extremely simple: kill or be killed. However, the are some special game modes that can change the default configurations. Try these:

  • Chest Chase Mode: This is almost like the Classic Mode, but every few seconds a chest will fall from heaven to the sea. If you go for it and open it, you can win 50 shark teeth. These are the official coin in the game. If you are a sailor, you can buy new weapons and better equipment. If you play as the shark, you could buy new skins, with enhanced abilities.
  • Double Shark Mode: This doesn’t need much explanation. Instead of one shark, there will be two. This is an option for the most experienced players that need new and harder challenges.
  • Infection Mode: This is perverse, and the hardest of all. Here, when the shark kills a human, he or she transforms into another shark, so it can be up to 14 sharks in the water! Would you survive all of them? That’s crazy.

How to be the best shark on SharkBite 

If you play as the shark, this is the main thing you need to control: you need to be lethal, with no compassion. 

First of all, you need to find the humans. Pay attention to the bubbles or particle trails you see. The white ones are from the ships and boats while the red ones are from sailors who have fallen to the sea.

If you eat a human, you’ll win 5 shark teeth for each and every one. And if you win the round, you’ll be rewarded with 20 more shark teeth.

After that, you can spend your ‘money’ (the shark teeth) buying new types of sharks, with more health, resistance, speed, or harder to detect.

How to survive as a sailor on SharkBite

When you play as a human (which will occur most of the time) your mission is always to stay alive, but you can kill the shark too. You should buy some weapons with your shark teeth. Also, there are some new vehicles available for you: classic boats, ships, armored motorboats, and even some with big weapons installed.

Apart from that, in the shop, you’ll find three items that will be very useful in your mission as a shark hunter:

  • Oxygen Tank: This will allow you to dive into the water without limits but you should know that’s very dangerous behavior.
  • Flare Gun: This item could save your life. If your boat has been destroyed, your last opportunity is to shoot a flare and wait for a rescue of a good samaritan. 
  • Radio: As in the Jaws film, you can buy a radio to listen to music. There are many songs to choose from. 

What are the best and worst parts of SharkBite?

Good elements: 

  • It’s very easy to play. Everybody could try it.
  • This game has one of the greatest communities around a title in Roblox. It’s easy to make friends because there’s a very little share of haters and trolls.
  • The upgrade system makes every game new and exciting.

Bad elements: 

  • The game has some failures (bugs). It’s not 100% well polished. The worst problem you could have is your boat turning upside down without a logical reason.
  • Animations could be better. The graphics are simple but the creators could have put a little more love into development. 

SharkBite Promo Codes

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SharkBite is a mix between an action game on the sea and a survival experience. There’s an open scenario and up to 15 players. They need to escape from the attack of a dangerous shark, navigate on ships, boats, and also they can shoot the shark.

But one exciting option is when a player takes the role of the shark to kill the rest. Fun coming from both sides!

When you finish a round, you can use your shark teeth to buy new items in the store. If you are a sailor, you can buy new weapons and abilities. Instead, if you were the shark and you won, you’ll be able to buy new sharks, with more power and harder to detect.

Beware of the sea!