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If you ever wanted an easy way to get Robux for free and you don’t like to use strange games or apps to do it, there is a perfect solution and it’s called ROCash.

ROCash (which stands for Roblox Cash) is a website where you have hundreds of opportunities to win Robux based on a variety of actions that you can carry out.

Let’s see what are all the options that you have in ROCash.

How to earn FREE Robux in ROCash

ROCash lets you win Robux in many ways. Here you can collect them directly, without needing to trade with other point systems and then exchange. When you reach at least 10 R$, you’ll be able to transfer them to the game (Roblox).

ROCash has 3 main sections that you can explore (and two extra options):

ROCash Offers 

This is where you’ll get the most Robux since there is a compilation of partner websites that will offer you lots of different tasks to increase your balance: Lootably, CPX Research, AdGate Media, Your Surveys, OfferToro, Minute Staff, Ayet Studios, Pollfish, Time Bucks… 

And what will you get on these websites?

Well, there’s a lot of everything: games to play, apps to download and try (and sometimes to make purchases on them), websites to register on, surveys, quizzes…

Every task has associated a list of requirements and an amount of Robux that you could win if you complete the mission. The harder the task, the bigger the reward. 

Sometimes you’ll see some strange raffles and lotteries around big brands that (obviously) are not really promoted by them, and all I can tell you is to be careful about where you leave your personal data. It’s better to pass up an offer and not to win a bunch of Rubux than risk your private information.

ROCash Surveys

Yeah, there are surveys in the ROCash Offers too, but this is the specialized section for them. There is a wide range of Robux rewards (for example, from 8 to 66 R$) depending on the duration of the polls.

ROCash Videos

This is something new. ROCash has a media platform called It works like its own YouTube-like streaming service. There are video contents about many themes and also some ads between them. You’ll get free Robux for every ad you see, but not for the content.

There are also other media platforms like that will offer you to win free Robux watching videos too. You’ll have dozens and dozens of content channels to choose from.  

Extra Option 1: ROCash Referrals

Well, this is not a section, but it is an extra way to get your Robux on ROCash. You’ll obtain a special link to invite your family and friends to use cash. If you do it, and they participate, you’ll get a plus of 5% from all of the Robux they get (while they get 100% of their rewards).

It’s not too much, but if you can bring many people to the website, you could multiply your earnings. There are no limits.

Extra Option 2: ROCash Challenges

Into your profile section, you’ll see your level as a user and some tasks you can do to increase it while winning some experience points. Those are the challenges

By leveling your user, sometimes you’ll get more Robux (although this is very undefined) and you’ll have more options to win some giveaways of the platform. Oh, and if you reach level 100, they will send you an RBXCash t-shirt.

How can you redeem your Robux to Roblox in ROCash? 

Whenever you want to transfer your Robux to your Roblox account, you only need to go to the section called Withdraw. There, you will be asked to choose between two different ways of cashing out: The Game method and the Group Method.

Some time ago, if you asked for a withdrawal, you could get the Robux instantly by joining some groups, but now Roblox has banned that option, so there are no more instant payouts.

The current options are to wait for 3 to 7 days (Game method) every time you withdraw your Robux or to join some groups ROCash will tell you (Group method) and wait 7-14 days, but only for the first time. The next ones will be instantly transferred for as long as you stay in those groups.

With the game method, the minimum amount of Robux to make a transfer is 10 R$. With the group method, you can do it from 1 R$

What are the best and worst parts of

Good elements:

  • ROCash is one of the biggest sites to win free Robux: you have many options.
  • The website works fine and is user-friendly.
  • You can transfer your Robux directly to your Roblox account.
  • Being a website lets you access it with all devices: mobiles, tablets, laptops… 
  • There is a ranking competition between users to see who gets the more Robux, where you can see that some people are winning more than 1,000 R$ a day!

Bad elements:

  • Many offers will require you to install apps, and this is only available on mobiles.
  • Despite the two withdrawal methods, you’ll have to wait days to get your Robux.
  • Some ROCash partners (like Minute Staff) have poor websites.

Conclusions about

ROCash is a great website to win Robux easily. Soon you’ll collect a good amount that you’ll be able to transfer to Roblox. It is safe to do it, but not fast, at least for the first time. You’ll need to be patient.

Another advantage of using ROCash is that you can access it from your computer in addition to your mobile devices, although there will be some tasks that will require you to use exclusively a smartphone.

We think that ROCash is a good place to get free Robux and it’s worth your time if you don’t want to spend real money on Roblox. Totally recommended. 

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