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Roblox updates the look of the mobile avatar editor

Now Roblox players will be able to customize their in-game appearance and their tour of the avatar store more optimally, thanks to the reforms made in the mobile avatar editor.

To do this, the developers kept those aspects of the avatar editor that users already liked and refined it, making it more elegant, faster and more intuitive to use so that the player can return to the action and participate in the game by giving their avatar the look they want when they need it.

Welcoming the new avatar editor

For a few weeks some experiments were carried out to establish the new look of the mobile avatar editor by testing it in a division of the Roblox player community.

After the positive reception obtained, the team made the redesign available to the rest of the users of the platform by downloading the application in the official iOS and Android store where you will have to access to obtain it and then run it to play with the new avatar editor.

Although the functionality is not much different from the one presented before, the changes made to the avatar editor are remarkable, since they have included the following:

New look

The Roblox team has given the avatar editor a modern interface, making it smoother and incorporating support for light and dark theme settings.

Designing and saving costumes

Now with the new editor, players will have the opportunity to save the costumes of their choice in the Characters tab where, with just a few steps and depending on your mood, you can assign an outfit to the character on the go.

Intuitive body style controls

Some of the most notable changes in this avatar editor can be seen in the Body Type and Body Size options where you can see all the changes you make to your avatar.

Get instant access to the Avatar Store

As an enthusiast of the world of Roblox you will know that the avatar shop is a wide catalogue in which you will find a great variety of items such as trousers, shirts, faces, accessories, packages, equipment and emotes, which is always expanding with the addition of new elements.

With the new avatar editor players will be able to quickly and easily access all these amazing items in order to select those that are of their preference to try and acquire them.

Thanks to the implementations made in the mobile avatar editor, this section is now integrated with the avatar shop meaning that, as a player, you will be able to carry out actions such as equipping an item automatically after buying it, suggesting items depending on the outfit your avatar wears, as well as trying it on.

You will only need to click on the bag icon in the top right of the avatar editor which will redirect you to the Avatar Store.

In addition to the mobile platforms mentioned you can also find the new avatar editor application for Amazon devices.