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Roblox Tricks: Roblox Tower Defense Simulator

As part of the Roblox tricks we bring you this time those corresponding to Roblox Tower Defense Simulator, a game in which the key will be the survival in team to fight against zombies, face the bosses, fight against a hungry horde of zombies and get coins with which you can acquire items and accessories that contribute to improve your game and raise your rank.

There are a series of tricks that when used in Roblox Tower Defense Simulator will allow you to have access to XP and troops, being this, a fast way to go one step ahead in the game and obtain the necessary equipment to reinforce the defense of the towers and accumulate enough experience to obtain coins.

Roblox tricksfor Tower Defense Simulator

To enter the words that make up the Roblox Tower Defense Simulator tricks you must do so by clicking on the option at the bottom right of the screen.

When you do this, you will be taken to another screen in which a box will appear where you will have to introduce the word trick and then press the button identified with the symbol > to accept it and wait to receive the corresponding reward. These are the Roblox tricks available for use in tower defense simulator:

  • ELECTRO: 100 Coins
  • 5KMILESTONE: Minigunner Twitter Skin
  • SW33TXP: 100 XP
  • 02MOMENT: Gain XP
  • MOARXP: Gain XP
  • B1RDHUNT3R: Free Hunter Troop

It’s worth noting that earning additional XP will give you access to various rewards including additional troops to support your army.

On the side of the main screen of the game you will find the Rewards option in which you can enter to check the rewards you get as you level up.

On the other hand, with the additional troops you can have a greater margin of action when you are going through the different maps.