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Roblox Tricks: Roblox Boss Fighting Simulator

As part of the Roblox tricks we bring you this time those corresponding to Roblox Boss Fighting Simulator, a game in which you will be equipped with weapons that will allow you to face the most powerful bosses. These weapons can be acquired through coins that you can collect as you progress through the game and that will also serve to increase your energy levels.

There are a series of tricks that when used in Roblox Boss Fighting Simulator will allow you to be redeemed for coins, power and runes. Through these tricks you will have the opportunity to level up and obtain additional improvements for your character.

Roblox Tricks for Boss Fighting Simulator

To enter the words that make up the Roblox Boss Fighting Simulator tricks you must do so by clicking on the Twitter icon on the side of the screen.

After doing this you will see a box with the words CODE HERE in which you will have to introduce the word trick and then proceed to press the Enter button and wait to receive the reward corresponding to that special word inserted. Below is a list of the Roblox tricks available for use in boss fighting simulator:


  • UPDATE1: 500 Coins
  • Coins100: 100 Coins
  • Release: 50 Coins
  • coins50: 50 Coins
  • Twitter1: 25 Coins


  • MassiveCrystal: 150 Crystals
  • Crystal100: 100 Crystals
  • Crystal50: 50 Crystals
  • SuperCrystal: 25 Crystals


  • 2krunes: 2,000 Runes
  • Largerunes: 2,000 Runes
  • Hugerunes: 500 Runes
  • MassiveRunes: 700 Runes
  • Update2: 500 Runes
  • SuperRunes: 500 Runes
  • LotsOfRunes: 300 Runes
  • BigRunes: 250 Runes
  • Twitter3: 25 Runes
  • MoreRunes: 15 Runes
  • Twitter2: 5 Runes
  • runes5: 5 Runes


  • SuperPower: 150 Power
  • Boss: 25 Power
  • Powerful: 25 Power