Zoom: some important tips and recommendations you should know

As you know, Zoom has been one of the most used app in order to be in contact with our friends and family members during the confinement due to Covid-19. This video calling app has been used by friends and family members, but also by workers and students as tool to learn by distance.
In addition, this app is very easy to use, since you only need to create an account using your e-mail.
Stay here if you want to know some tips in order to get the most out of this app.

What is Zoom and how does it work?

Well, Zoom is a video call app. There are many different video call apps. However, what makes it be different? Zoom is very easy to use, since you only need to create an account and use Zoom from its official web page. In addition, you an even sign up with your Gmail or Facebook account.
Although you can use Zoom from its official web page, you can also download and install the app in your computer (it is highly recommended, since using zoom from its web page could arise some connection problems).

Where to download Zoom officially

You can access the download link by clicking on “download”, depending on the operating system you use. It is also available for computers, so click on here in order to access its official web page.
Download Zoom for Android devices.
Download Zoom for iOS devices.

Some important tips and recommendations of Zoom

­Tip 1: it is not worth having the paid premium version

You probably know the free version of Zoom and its features and tools. It allows you to make video calls up to 100 people at the same time, although this “meeting” will last a maximum of 40 minutes. In case you need more time, you have two different options available:

  • You can create another meeting of 40 minutes
  • You can pay for the premium version.

There are three different premium versions depending on your preferences and needs. Those are the “Pro” version, the “Business” version and the “Enterprise” version. They have different features and different prices.

Tip 2: share your screen

This video call app also lets you share your screen. This feature will let you show your screen to other participants. For example, if you need to show some process of an installation or anything you want to share.

Tip 3: record the screen

This feature could not seem very important, but if you take into account that someone is explaining you something important, you will probably want to keep it just in case you forget anything. However, you must take into account some aspects:

  • You will need some space in order to keep the recordings, since it will take up large amounts of space.
  • Sometimes, the administrators do not let people to record the video calls, so you will have to look for another option.

Tip 4: change the screen background

Zoom allows you to set a screen background, so participants will not see what is behind you. In order to change the screen background you need to access “Settings” and then, click on “virtual screen”. There, you will find some options and features in order to configure your screen background.

Tip 5: configuration of audio

It is not the first time that the audio and video are a problem in video calls. Therefore, we recommend you configure it by clicking on “Audio settings”. There, you will see many different options and features in order to configure it depending on your preferences. In addition, you will also have to configure the microphone.

 Tip 6: configuration of video

It is another important aspect that you need to take into account, since it could be also a problem when making a video chat. We recommend you accessing “Video” inside “Settings”. There, you will see many features and options. You should explore them and activate or deactivate those you prefer. For example, you will be able to activate “HD”, “Original size” and so on.

Tip 7: keyboard shortcuts

Zoom also allows you to activate keyboards shortcuts. Therefore, access “Settings” again and look for “Keyboard shortcuts”. There, you will see all the different keyboard shortcuts available. It is time to explore and activate those you prefer.

Tip 8: “General”

Once you access “General” inside of “Settings”, you will be able to see general features. We highly recommend you visiting this part of Zoom, since you will be able to find many different options that you may find interesting.

In conclusion

Zoom is a very good alternative in order to make video calls with friends, family member, work colleagues or students. Although it counts with three paid premium versions, the free version is very complete, and probably it will be enough for your use.
We highly recommend you using this video call app because it counts with many different features that other video call apps will not provide you.