Some apps that will help you sleep better

Nowadays, many people cannot sleep as well as they used to sleep due to this new virus Covid-19, since it could be a stressful situation for some people.

Phycologists say that stressed people cannot sleep well most of the time, so those people need to look for some solution in order to sleep at night, since it is something indispensable for human beings.

However, how does stress affect to your body? Well, first of all, you need to know that people generate cortisol, the main stress hormone. This hormone provokes a larger amount of glucose in your bloodstream, so it raises blood pressure. Then, What happens when people have a high blood pressure? Well, muscles are tense, your heart beats faster and your brain activity speeds up too. All these things mean that your body changes to a “surviving” mode and it makes you cannot sleep well.

When people are stressed for much time, it can provoke some health problem, so it is better to control your stress and try to remove it.

 Fortunately, there exist apps for everything, so, why not to use an app in order to sleep better? It will also depend on the problem you have, since there are around 88 different sleeping disorders. Anyway, these apps will help you control your stress and learn some tips in order to sleep better.

First, it is very important to know what the real problem is. Then, you should look for an app to remove that problem (or at least, to control it), since it is a tool to live together with the problem, but not a perfect solution to remove the problem completely.

We recommend you turning around your mobile phone, since the brightness of your smartphone could bother you. However, some apps allow you to download the content and use it while airplane mode is activated, since you will not receive any call or message.

Here you have a list of the best apps to improve the quality of your sleep according to Breus and Joshua Tal (two recognized sleeping disorders experts).

Some apps in order to remove environmental noises

Some relaxing apps are able to disconnect from the day a day noises to a world of natural sounds. These sounds will help you to relax during the night. Other apps try to help you reduce your level of stress before going to bed. Then, it is recommended to use apps with sounds of the nature when you have some sleeping problems.

We can emphasize the following apps:

(You can access the download link by clicking on “download”, depending on the operating system you use. It is also available for smartphones and tablets.



Download Portal for iOS devices.


White Noise:

Download White Noise for Android devices.

Download White Noise for iOS devices.


Relax Melodies:

Download Relax Melodies for Android devices.

Download Relax Melodies for iOS devices.



Download MyNoise for Android devices.

Download MyNoise for iOS devices.


Some apps in order to relax your mind

You can access the download link by clicking on “download”, depending on the operating system you use. It is also available for smartphones and tablets.



Download Pzizz for Android devices.

Download Pzizz for iOS devices.

This app uses binaural rhythms with two different bands, one in each ear. In addition, this app counts with a masculine voice that will help you relax (you can mute him just in case). You can also configure the time to go to sleep.



Download BrainTap Pro for Android devices.

Download BrainTap Pro for iOS devices.

This app also counts with binaural rhythms and it also trains your mind. In addition, this app is equipped with guided visualization, holographic music and isochronic tones. All these new thins allows people to equilibrate their minds.



Download Headspace for Android devices.

Download Headspace for iOS devices.

Headspace counts with sleep casts. It is 45 minutes recordings. These sleep casts have relaxing sounds, breathing and visualization exercises that will help you to relax. This app also counts with music to sleep. In the end, all these things will make you create a relaxing scene in your mind.



Download Calm for Android devices.

Download Calm for iOS devices.

This one is very similar to the previous app. Users of this app can choose between 100 hours of relaxing music, guided meditations and stories told by famous people, such as Kelly Rowland, Lucy Liu and Matthew McConaughey.


There is also a streaming page in order to hear hours and hours of meditations before you go to sleep. This pase is Restflix. This page counts with binaurals rhythms, sounds of the nature, relaxing scenes and so on.



Some apps in order to know how is your sleep

All these apps will help you know better how your sleep is. Although these apps can help you, it is always better to go to the doctor in case you have important sleeping disorders.

You can access the download link by clicking on “download”, depending on the operating system you use. It is also available for smartphones and tablets.


Sleep Cycle:

Download Sleep Cycle for Android devices.

Download Sleep Cycle for iOS devices.


Sleep Score:

Download Sleep Score for Android devices.

Download Sleep Score for iOS devices.



Download Pillow for Android devices.

Download Pillow for iOS devices.



Somryst: an app recommended by sleeping disorders experts

Somryst is a digital treatment during 9 weeks-long- This can only be prescribed by doctors when people have important and complicated sleeping problems, such as insomnia. This app offers a specific focus and it also helps identify the problem.

This app will be available in 2020 and, as I said before, doctors or anyone with a medical authorization will prescribe it.

Somryst counts with a technology that offers a cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia thought out your smartphone or tablet. It is similar to the traditional and face-to-face cognitive behavioural therapy. Somryst uses a personalized method in order to improve the insomnia symptoms.

In addition, it also counts with a digital board, so doctor can track the treatment and see if it works and the progress of the user.

The cognitive behavioural therapy has been recommended for insomnia since 2016 by American College of Physicians and American Academy of Sleep Medicine.



In conclusion

After reading this article, you will probably be able to improve your sleep. Depending on the problem, you will need an app or another one. However, have in mind that your sleeping disorders will not disappears immediately, so you will have to work hard in order to get a better sleep. In addition, these apps will not remove all your sleeping disorders, so be patient and try them in order to get the best one for your problem.

According to Breus, any of those apps will help you perfectly, since you need a personalized method, and this method is only available once you visit a sleeping disorder expert. Therefore, do not hesitate to visit an expert if your problem remains through time, since he/she will know better how to tackle the problem.