NVIDIA purchases ARM: What does it mean to Android?

NVIDIA has announced their purchased of the ARM semiconductor designer for $ 40 billion.  How could this affect Android?

Corporative movements on a higher commerce level are always attractive and interesting to the eye of the market and consumers because of the numbers the companies manage at the moment of a deal. It is also interesting due to what it would mean to the future of that area.

It is exactly what has happened to ARM and its acquisition by Nvidia. Recently, it has been rumoring that the company might be sell to one of the main characters of technology consuming and enterprises, and that is what has actually happened in this case.

Reasons why Nvidia acquired ARM

Such a movement is relevant even for the whole sector where these companies move, like the semiconductors.

Nvidia has bet for a brilliant future where mobile devices will still be a key part of our daily lives. This refers to any technological device that can come to your mind, from smartphones to AI devices, watches, pcs, among plenty others.

Portraying the company to wide territories with bigger ideas and objectives, it is looking to position themselves on the technological sector that is visualized will grow bigger on next decades. They are placing high hopes on the Artificial Intelligence, and also on the graphic section and design of most of their products.

How this will be affecting Android?

As most of you might already know, Smartphones that run with an Android system use a Qualcomm or Mediatek processor. Both license the design of ARM components, which has its own strong position in this business.

Nvidia creates its own processors, which means that buying ARM could be saying that the rest of manufacturers might have an inconvenient now but, it is not really like that. The company has left crystal clear that it will still be manteining the licenses that allow other brands to create their own processors.

Even strong companies like Samsung and Apple depend on it to keep its way, or at least for a while. Besides, Nvidia knows that it would not be intelligent to close their vertient at once, due to the fact that comissions antitrust from different countries would forbid the purchase.

An Nvidia Smartphone?

One of the possible movements this company might do in the short run, is to create a Smartphone that complements their Hardware catalogue. The firm has one of the best recognized Set Top Boxes with Android, which takes special care to their most detailed aspects such as the updates.

It seems that at least during another couple of years we won’t get to see any of the changes this company wants to apply, due to the processess they have to go through by the hand of the states approval.

In short-term, it doesn’t look like Nvidia wants to transform into some sort of Apple, which has its own Operating System, and Nvidia doesn’t. But it promises to bring something innovating to the industry, something that might change the current status quo.