Huawei gets ready: The will sell Honor to avoid Trump’s ban

As a consequence of Donald Trump’s ban on trading with the U.S. to Huawei, the Chinese company hasn’t been able to preload new release of devices with Google services, such as their Apps and Youtube, Google Assistant and even the Google Play Store.

For this reason, the company has been working hard on looking for solutions to help its secondary brand named Honor, to not get more affected by it. During 2019, Huawei and Honor phones had continued to acquire their corresponding security updates and current devices that count with Android 10 would have still gotten it; and even Huawei laptops got all the Windows updates in the traditional manner.

This international company which was founded in 1987 by Ren Zhengfei, has been redefining its priorities on its global operation matters, owing to the restrictions made by the American government during the last year, that have taken the company to a position where they have reconsidered their moves and focus.

Details about Honor

Honor is a subsidiary company of Huawei and the relationship between both brands is based on a complementary nature. This sub-brand was created in 2013 and in spite of getting integrated into the world made by Zhengefei, this brand works independently from the main company center.

Huawei has previously released Honor devices under the Huawei brand. But from now on, Honor will be a brand on its own. If Huawei materializes the sale of Honor, the brand becomes independent from Huawei and will no longer be affected by the U.S. sanctions.

Huawei in negotiations to sell Honor

Huawei has recently been doing negotiations to sell Honor. Basically, its objective is to help this brand avoid getting truly affected for this ban consequences due to the restrictions lifted by the American government in the North American territory. These talks are taking place with Digital China Group Co LTD.

Based on recent rumors, the Digital China Group, a giant in the Asian country, seems to be the best positioned to obtain the agreement so far and, they are actually the main distributor of Honor Smartphones already. Although, it is possible for other companies to emerge on these negotiations, such as Chinese TLC or Xiaomi.

The details of the operation, which could reach 25,000 million yen, around 3.16 billion euros, would include the sale of the Honor brand, as well as the research and development division. This operation would clearly benefit both, Huawei and Honor.

For Huawei it means that they would have the opportunity to recover the development costs of this secondary brand, while for Honor it would be to get rid of the restrictions imposed by Donald Trump’s government.

Chrome OS: Accessibility Advanced options

As days go by, every technological brand and company is constantly looking forward to bring new features and options for their users and customers, and Google is one of the most recognized for keeping up to date their services.

In this case, we will be telling you about their Chrome OS. It is an operating system created by Google, based on the Linux kernel, and which uses Chrome as its main user interface. This means that its appearance is basically identical to Chrome, but it will add more options, such as a taskbar, a file explorer and other basic elements presented in any other regular operating system.

This OS has been slowly evolving to what it is today. Chrome OS is a complete operating system, counting with the basics, native applications and compatibility with Android, which also joins a media player, printer settings, file manager and so on. Moreover, as its browser, Chrome OS also carries a free version called Chromium OS, which in spite of not having native Google technology, it serves for the independent community developers to collaborate improving it.

Now, there is something called Chromebook, which is basically a series of laptops that have been created to be based on the use of a Google operating system, and although it is focused to work on lower ranges, it also counts with some high-end models.

Chromebooks: Improving its features

Chromebooks are laptops which are meant to use Google’s Chrome OS. These were born with the idea of aiming and focusing on educational fields, bringing devices with affordable prices. Something that begun as simple $ 200 or $ 300 netbooks, now have become much more capable devices.

Actually, even high-end laptops that have already been launched, reach a similar performance as a Macbook and Windows laptop would do. Bearing in mind their constant search for evolving, the latest version of the system has come loaded with novelties regarding to accessibility.

Google has recently announced their upcoming launching of Chrome OS 86. This new version of their OS is based on their famous Chrome browser and also is expected to be supporting Android Apps. This version is focused on accessibility matters, with interesting additions such as a section called Chrome Accessibility Hub, which is looking forward to solve all kinds of issues coming from people with a variety of disabilities or problems.

New Features of Chrome OS

One of the most striking among the new features is that it will allow you to change the color of the cursor to a variety of options, such as red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, magenta and pink. The option is found in the mouse and touchpad settings, and beyond allowing you to customize the cursor, it is something that might be truly helpful for those who have difficulty finding the pointer.

On sounds matters, there is a tool called ‘’Select-to-speak’’, it is meant to read the selected content on the screen. Basically, when a text is selected for the computer to read to us, the rest of the screen will turn gray, highlighting the selected text and pointing where the reading is happening.

Sometimes it can be annoying not knowing how loud or low is our voice sounding but, now, you will be able to control the volume of your voice on video calls in a few clicks. The new mic slider will let you control how soft or loud you sound on calls.

And when talking about connectivity, the Wi-Fi Synchronization makes it easier for you to access Wi-Fi across multiple Chromebooks. From now on, when you access a Wi-Fi password on one Chromebook, that information will be securely saved to your account so you can immediately connect to that network when you sign in with another Chromebook.