Facebook Messenger: best tips you did not know

Facebook has always counted with an instant messaging app, but it has not been very famous. From two years ago, Facebook Messenger (its instant messaging app) has been gaining more popularity, and now millions of people around the world use this app.
They have been improving the app little by little, but there is one important change that made people liked this app. In the past, you needed a Facebook account in order to use tis messenger app, but it changed and now people can use Facebook Messenger without having a Facebook account.
If you are one of people that use Facebook Messenger frequently on your Android or iOS device, you will probably be interested in knowing some useful and funny tips in order to get the most out of it.

The best funny and useful tips of Facebook Messenger

How to get a bigger “Like” emoticon

Many people send this emoticon without knowing that you can send a bigger one. However, how is that possible? You only have to press and hold the “like” button and it will start to get bigger and bigger. Have in mind that there is a maximum size, once you have exceed the maximum size, it will get the normal size again.


How to change the “like” button by default

Nowadays, there are tons of different emoticons but Facebook has chosen the “like” emoticon as the main one, so you can see it on the right hand side of your keyboard. However, you can now change it and use another one. You only need to follow two steps:

  • Access the information menu by clicking on the name of the person you are talking with.
  • Look for the word “Emoticon”. A new menu with all the emoticons will appear. Choose the one you like the most.

From now on, you will be able to use the new emoticon you have chosen.


How to use GIFs

Many people use GIFs frequently, and you can also use them on Facebook Messenger. You only have to tap the emoticon button and you will see the word “GIFs” on the right side. There, you will be able to look for the GIF you want at that moment.


How to play minigames on Facebook Messenger

Did you know that Facebook Messenger counts with some minigames? Facebook Messenger is equipped with some minigames and you can play them alone or with any of your friends. For example, you can send a basketball to your friend and a net will appear automatically. Then, it is time to play!


How to create a video call group

It was created recently due to Covid-19. However, it is different from other apps, since you need a link in order to access the video call group. In addition, you do not need to have any of those apps (Facebook or Facebook Messenger), but you will need to log in to your Facebook account. However, how can you create a video call group?

  • On the main menu, tap the “people” bar.
  • From this new menu, you will be able to create a video call group.
  • Once you have the link, share it with the people you want.


How to nickname your friends

Sometimes, it is common to nickname your best friends. Therefore, Facebook Messenger also allows you to nickname your friends. In order to do that, access the information menu and look for “Nicknames”. Click on the person you want to change his/her name and that is all!


How to look for something in a conversation

Sometimes, we need to find important information in a conversation, but we waste so much time doing it. Facebook Messenger counts with a “searcher” in order to find that information quickly. Follow the following steps:

  • Access the information menu.
  • Locate “Search in conversation”. It is important to type concrete words in order to facilitate the search


How to activate the dark mode

This feature helps save some battery and it also help not damage your eyes, so it is an important characteristic you should have in mind. How to activate it?

  • Access your profile by clicking on your picture.
  • A new menu will display. Here, you will see “Dark mode”, press it and it will switch to the dark mode.


How to change the colour of a conversation

You can change the colour of the conversation if you are tired of the same colour every day. In order to change the colour, access the information menu and click on “Color” and choose the colour your prefer.


How to block

Sometimes, we need to block people due to several reasons. When we block someone, that person will not ever contact to you again. However, in Facebook Messenger, it could be different. You can block someone in order not to view your content or your profile, however, that person can still contact to your by Facebook Messenger. Anyway, we recommend you accessing the information menu and tap on “Block” and you will be able to view the different options you have.


How to hide your information

These kind of apps is always showing our information about our use of the app. It means that people can see when you were connected to Facebook Messenger last time, they can also see if you are online now or not, and so on. However, Facebook Messenger allows you to hide that type of information. Follow the followings steps in order t hide that information:

  • Access your information menu and tap on “Status”.
  • There you will activate or deactivate this option.
  • Thus, all your information about that will be hidden.


How to view shared files

Nowadays, people share many pictures, videos, documents and so on, and sometimes we need to find one of these share files. In order to find that, access the information menu, scroll down and you will see “Photos, Videos & Emoji”. Now, you can visualize all the shared files you have.


How to switch your account

Most of the people only have a Facebook account, but sometimes, some people have different accounts (for example, business people) and they need to switch the account. Facebook Messenger allows you to change your account every time you need it. In order to access your other account, get your information menu and scroll down. You will see “Switch Account”. Click on it and you will be able to create a new account or add a new account.


How to activate a secret conversation

Do you need to have a secret conversation? Facebook Messenger allows you to create a secret conversation and nobody will know about that (nor even Facebook). Access the information menu and scroll down until you see “Secret Conversations”. A new conversation will appear but it will be a secret one.


In conclusion

Thanks to this post, you will be able to know everything about Facebook Messenger. There are many different tips and probably you only knew some of them. From now on, you will be able to get the most out of Facebook Messenger.