Everything you need to know about Call of Duty: Mobile

Activision is a famous company which always has the best content for its most loyal fans, but no  franchise of this corporative has fascinated its audiences as much as Call of Duty. If you are a loyal fan of this saga, you probably already know the new mobile title “Call of Duty: Mobile”.

This new video game brings many benefits for the future of the franchise. Before, you jump into the adventure of Call of Duty: Mobile, let us give you a guide to the most basic points. Due to the fact that, we want to cover the most important tips, we will begin from the installation of it to the main game modes.

How to install CoD Mobile?

If you are already determined to become an elite soldier in Call of Duty: Mobile, the first step to take is to check whether your phone is suitable for the app. This game has somewhat high demands of requirements, due to its quality and nature, but don’t worry, it is worth every second.

If you have an iPhone, you will need to have iOS 9 or higher, while if you own an Android, you will need the 5.1 version of operating system or higher. Any of these devices is compatible with it, but you should know that at least 2 GB of RAM is also required.

It is very important to mention that, 1.6GB is the minimum of available storage in order to play this game, or you’d better not have high hopes of playing it. CoD: Mobile is a relatively heavy game, due to the large amount of data it stores and its excellent features.

First steps in Call of Duty: Mobile

Login to Call of Duty: Mobile

Once you have downloaded and installed the game on your mobile device, it is time to enter our account. We recommend that you create your own account, you probably have one already. It guarantees you a better and more personalized experience. Of course, there is always the option to play as a guest, but in the long run playing like this becomes tedious.

Even though, Call of Duty: Mobile does not have a regular username and password system, you can always connect online using your Facebook account or your Call of Duty account on Activision. Sometimes you may want to vary the way you log in, because there will be certain benefits in either option.

Prepare the environment

Since the developers knew that this game would set a tendency in the world of mobile gaming, they put their full attention down to the last detail. It is easy to notice this when you see and hear the excellent CoD Mobile soundtrack. It is an audiovisual experience that we are sure you will love.

In order to fully enjoy the Call of Duty: Mobile experience, we recommend plugging in your headphones, not only the soundtrack is amazing but also the sound effects. If you find sounds to be a great way to stay alert during gameplay, you will understand how important a pair of headphones can be.

Because, Call of Duty: Mobile and Battle Royale are Multiplayer online games, a good internet connection is necessary. If your phone has a game mode, this is time to turn it on to decrease background apps, notifications, and anything else that interrupts the game flow.

In case you want to play with mobile data, don’t worry.  The amount of data consumed by the game is not so great.

Since good aiming is only limited by your own vision, we suggest that you turn up to the maximum the brightness of your device. Of course, the blue light filter can be a problem, because it causes interference. Turn it off to avoid distortion, but remember to rest your eyes every so often.

Last but not least, take your gaming experience to another level with your Xbox One or PS4 wireless controllers. Thanks to a new update of the application, it is possible to connect these controllers by Bluetooth without problems. Of course, the game will face you with people who use the same strategy, just to avoid unfair advantages.

It is very simple; you just have to connect your mobile device with the remote control and then go to settings. In this part, you will see the controller option and the available modifications will already be clear. There are several accessories to adapt the control to the mobile, but with a simple stand on a desk it is also comfortable.

Prepare your strategy

If you want to be an elite hit man in Call of Duty: Mobile, you first have to prepare your game. Let’s start with the most basic, since the application has two types of controls: the simple and the advanced. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, but it will be up to you to decide your style.

The simple one is the easiest to control, since it uses autofire, that is, when you have the enemy in your sights, it shoots automatically. In the gamer´s world, it could be considered as a violation of morale, because a true shooter does not use tricks like this when playing.

If you choose the advanced style, you have complete control of your actions. You can make use of the customization option. Although, this option is very useful if you already have experience in previous games but, when you are a beginner, you can probably adapt to whatever it is.

If you have already chosen the location of the buttons on your screen, you can start modifying the shot. Each weapon has a specific way of shooting and it is important that you know it, because it will give you an advantage on the battlefield. An example of a simple modification is the shots from the hip, very useful with short-range weapons such as shotguns and rifles.

The same configuration section will be very useful for other options, such as improving the graphics or adapting the sensitivity. Since not all phones are the same, it is very likely that you want to see which sensitivity setting suits your mobile best.

The fun begins

If you are an heroic adventurer you can jump right into either of the two Call of Duty: Mobile game modes, but if you prefer to practice a bit before making a fool of yourself as a beginner, try Practice vs AI mode. Enter multiplayer mode, press the selection button above, start and choose this type of game.

Practice vs AI mode is ideal for testing your setups, learning to handle weapons, fully mastering your technique, and much more. But remember this is just a practice, since you will have to take it to the battlefield afterwards.

Remember we mentioned that there were two battle modes. Although, the difference in controls between one and the other is basically non-existent if you wish, the difference in play style is abysmal. The two game modes in Call of Duty Mobile are Battle Royale and Multiplayer.


Something interesting about this game is that, we will never get bored of it.  Thanks to the fact that, it offers us so many styles of play that it is impossible to get tired of what you can find there. For example, in Multiplayer we will find Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Search & Destroy, Domination styles and many more.

Although, they are the main ones, we will also find options for very special modalities such as: Snipers only, Prop Hunt, Gun Game, among others. From time to time there are certain rewards for playing a specific mode, so keep an eye on the day’s prizes.

The maps are also a wonderful feature, thanks to the fact that, they are so varied and interesting that you will always have the option to play rampage or a more stealthy style if you prefer. Among the maps you will find very pleasant and welcoming destinations, such as, the charming Killhouse, the scenic Nuketown or the cozy Kidnapped.

Battle Royale

Unlike the multiplayer mode, Battle Royale now has only a fairly large map. If you are new on this game mode, let us simplify it for you. There are many competitors, but only one can win. Survive and you will be the champion.

It is so simple.  Once the game has started you must get all the weapons and resources that you find on your way. Call of Duty Mobile offers a Battle Royale mode in teams, that is, the last team standing is the one that wins.

If you want to make things more fun, the Battle Royale mode offers special game modes such as Sniper Challenge where you can only have distance weapons and Warfare where 2 teams of twenty face each other from each side of the map, which will shrink with the time, to force you to fight in a smaller and smaller area.

If you master your technique well, improve your weapons and do not forget to revive your team, we assure you that you will be kicking butt in no time in Call of Duty Mobile. We hope we have helped you better understand this excellent title and see you another time.