2 of the most outstanding news in the world of technology

The new Health App of Xiaomi will measure your heartbeat using the camera and the flash

Xiaomi just launched an incredible update for their health app, since they want to help the users to know their heartbeat by just using the camera and the flash of their phones.

If you’re a fan of Xiaomi’s tech, you’ll know that just last year the Chinese company launched its own health app named “Mi Health”, which is available in Spain. This app was pretty much like any other health app, since it offers common features like counting steps, management of sleep, and control of the menstrual cycle, but now they surprise us with a fascinating new tool.

Xiaomi introduced a new update for Mi Health, in which you have the interesting option to measure your heartbeat using your phone’s camera. Even though this update is just available in China for now, it’s expected to arrive soon to other countries as well.

Xiaomi’s Health App is being upgraded

Since not everybody owns a FitBit or a SmartWatch, Xiaomi Mi Health offers us this new tool that shows us our heart rate directly on our phones. If you wish to know how this works, let us summarize it for you. While other portable devices use a laser as a source of perpetual light, this app uses the phone’s flash instead and analyzes every change using the camera.

This new feature is very easy to use, since you only have to tap on the “Heart Rate” option and follow the steps specified in there. One finger is all you need, as you’ll have to put it over the camera and the flash until the bar on the screen reach 100%.

If you wish to know if your heart rate is normal or not, you’ll have to wait until the measurement is over, because the app will ask about your current state. If you were doing exercise or resting, will determine if your heartbeats are ok or not.

Microsoft gives up purchasing Tik Tok: Oracle might be the chosen one

Tik Tok is one of the most popular Apps on the market nowadays and apparently it would be partially purchased by the American Company, Oracle. This unconventional year 2020 has brought to us many interesting situations on the technological market and, it is one of those.


Bearing in mind the the U.S.A government down the administration of their current president, Donald Trump. They have a strong policy when talking about anything related to China, on commerce matters mostly, in this case.

Due to that, Trump’s government has threaten the enterprise Byte Dance, which is based in China and are Tik Tok’s developers, to ban the App on the U.S.A territory unless they sold a part of their development to an American Affiliate.

Microsoft drops its bid

Recently, a lot of rumors and news have been invading the internet, about the possibility of a deal from this company getting affiliate to companies like Twitter, Microsoft, among other American Enterprises.

Although, it seems that finally, there won’t be any deals with the Redmond Company, based on a pressed release. Byte Dance let Microsoft know that they won’t be selling Tik Tok’s operations to Microsoft.

Microsoft affirms itself that they would have been a good choice for Tik Tok’s users, to protect the National security interests, by making significant changes and adjustments on the App to ensure that the services met the highest standards for privacy, security, online safety and combating disinformation.

Oracle might have won the career

According to the Wall Street Journal, it would be the Oracle Company the one that had won the bid’s battle for the American Affiliate of Tik Tok.

Now, there is an important aspect to keep in mind; China has forbidden the exportation of software systems that could be relevant for their own country. As you might be imagining, Tik Tok’s recommendation algorithm is a part of these forbidden to export systems, which is actually the one that has made the App such a success.

This means that Oracle will have to develop their own new algorithm, which would be a struggling task to get done. Besides, there is not an official communicate by Oracle released yet. What is being told to the media I some kind of a theory of positioning a US firm, as a technological key ally, rather than an actual selling; seeking to appease the American administration’s hurry. Taking into account Oracle’s purchase record, this is not a strange movement of them.

Waiting for the U.S government’s approval, everything is down revision lately. Also, we all might bear in mind that China has already clarified that they would actually prefer an operation’s closure in the U.S. rather than selling an Affiliate to an American firm.