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Meep City (Roblox): FULL Guide

Welcome to Meep City, one of the most famous games you can find in Roblox. It has more than 7 billion visitors and its growth is unstoppable.

What will you find in Meep City? Well, this is a social game for kids, in the style of The Sims but for younger people. That means Meep City is like a real-life simulator: You can create and customize your own characters, their clothes, pets, buddies, and boyfriends or girlfriends. You are in control of your avatar!

Meep City was created in 2016 by user alexnewtron, and one of your main objectives is to meet new people and make some friends. But here there is a new difficulty factor: you must keep your character under a certain role. These are the rules and that’s how you’ll be able to progress in the game and evolve while having fun with the rest of the players.

Meep City Tips & Tricks 

Meep City is a game that is full of actions you can take. Following Roblox classification, Meep City has two genres: Town and City. It is very important to have social encounters, talk to other players and discover what they have to show you.

Meep City is heavily influenced by two similar video games: Disney’s Penguin Club and ToonTown. The creator, alexnewtron, cannot hide this influence and, in fact, there are some

masked references to them in Meep City.

How to get LOTS of MONEY in Meep City

The good news is that money is not really relevant in Meep City. Yes, you can buy many items, but this is not mandatory to play the game. The most important part of Meep City is social relationships and with them, you’ll earn some experience.

Anyway, if you want to change your house in the game, build new rooms, or want to add new items to it, you’ll need coins. As you get coins you’ll buy furniture, new colors for the walls, pets, or fishing rods.

Fishing rods? Yeah, fishing rods are tools with whom you’ll get more coins. But this is only one method to get them. There are various ways to get money in Meep City. Let’s see the most important:

  • Be a fisherman (h4): It’s very easy to get more coins if you buy a fishing rod. All you have to do is to go to a fishing area and find a free dock. Whenever you get one, cast the hook, and… good luck! If you catch a big fish, you could win from 6 to 30 coins if you sell it.
  • Be a gardener (h4): Inside your house, you’ll find a flowerpot. If you take it, you’ll see a menu with lots of flower seeds that you could plant around your house and see them grow. Choose one and decorate your garden. After 5 hours of real-time, you could cut and sell them to get coins.
  • Be a driver (h4): If you like race driving, you’ll love Meep City Racing. This establishment is at Meep City Plaza. There you can tap on the car logo and then choose Quick Race. Following that, you’ll have to select a circuit and wait for the rest of the players. This is a great way to get a lot of coins. If you are a good race driver and finish in the first position, you’ll win 150 coins.
  • Be a gamer (h4): Another way to get some money is to play a special game called Star Ball, which you can also find at The Plaza. You’ll play as a white ball in a field area and you’ll have to get 3 keys as soon as possible. The less time you need to get them, the more coins you get.
  • Be a good neighbor (h4): Talk to others, go to The Plaza, which is the main meeting point, take a walk around the city, make some friends and discover new places and possibilities. Meep City will be what you want it to be!

What are the best and worst parts of Meep City?

Good elements: 

  • Despite Meep City is a social game and money isn’t important, you can get a lot of coins easily in the game to buy your items or to modify your house.
  • There are lots of activities and mini-games in the city for having fun.
  • You can visit other players’ houses to take ideas for yours.
  • It’s very easy to play and the clear interface helps you at every moment.

Bad elements:

  • Every game room has a maximum of 200 players and sometimes it’s hard to find a place.
  • Access is free, so you cannot control who enters into the game server.
  • Many items of the game cannot be bought with Meep City coins but Robux.

Meep City Codes 

Here you have some codes to get some advantages in the game. Write carefully:

  • first
  • animals
  • paperhat
  • nurse
  • xxx
  • duck
  • jetpack



Meep City is one of the best games you could find in Roblox. It’s a social life simulator where you share your space with other people and give wings to your imagination.

Build your house, customize and decorate it with hundreds of items. Take care of your garden, go fishing, play mini-games, earn money and turn your life into whatever you want it to be.

Play with millions of players around the globe and, among any other thing, have fun!