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Many of Roblox accounts were hacked by Donald Trump’s advertising

Roblox accounts are hacked for supporting Donald Trump, presidential elections in the United States have a date established for November of this year and, as it is usual, the political campaigns have already started, and we often see advertising everywhere.

What seems something unreal is the fact that Roblox accounts have been used for spreading propagandas; but, it is completely true: hundreds of Roblox accounts have been hacked not for stealing them; rather, Donald Trump’s campaign propaganda has been introduced inside the accounts.

The truth is that the theft of Roblox accounts is not something new; what is surprising is that they have accessed the accounts in an illegal way with the only purpose of spreading political propaganda supporting Donald Trump’s candidature.

Hackers steal Roblox accounts

It is reported that a campaign is being implemented where they hack Roblox accounts to support Donald Trump; the method is to access the accounts illegally and spread propagandas referring to Donald Trump’s political campaign.

Certainly, this is especially surprising since although Roblox attracts people from different ages like children, young people and adults, it is not a secret that who use it the most are kids between the ages of nine and fourteen years.

The cyber attack has been based on searching accounts with easy passwords to access them; the first thing they do when entering is to edit the profile, and they write on the writing section: “Ask your parents to vote for Trump this year”, followed by the initials MAGA2020.

That is not all; besides, hackers download the personalized tools and they put them on the players’ avatar, obviously, both of them are totally related with the political campaign, they equip the avatar and leave the profile with those changes.

The first of the elements downloaded corresponds to a red cap with a white text; this is the famous MAGA’s cap or Make America Great Again, it is worn by all Trump’s supporters.

The second element is a patriotic T-shirt having designed a bald eagle and an American flag. These two elements are typical of those who support the Donald Trump’s party, and now it has become in many Roblox avatars’ outfit.

Methology they use

The methodology used by those who hack Roblox accounts to support Donald Trump is to find accounts having short and simple keys; they access them and equip the avatars with clothes referring to Donald Trump’s campaign, mainly two elements: a cap and a T-shirt.

Moreover, they send private messages to other Roblox users saying; “Say your parents to vote for Trump this year”; in those messages, they use the word MAGA2020 that means Make America Great Again.

That is definitely a very famous slogan identifying the MAGA party where Donald Trump is activist; but sending messages is not the only action hackers do in accounts; some of them even decide to edit the Roblox users’ profiles.

It is important to highlight that the attackers have not done other actions in hacked Roblox accounts; for example, they have not modified the keys nor have changed the associated emails accounts.

Therefore, those users who have been affected will be able to access their accounts and in order to change the password, they had for another more difficult to decode for being safe to solve the problem and can activate the authentication in two steps.

What about the privacy vulnerability?

To all this we must add the privacy vulnerability of these accounts, the danger that users run since their profiles can have very personal information; in addition, the avatar’s visible image is altered by adding it elements that are part of a campaign.

The Roblox community is very disappointed and has denounced this unfortunate situation in different social networks, and especially has expressed their comments and opinions in Twitter.

Is Donald Trump’s campaign related to this? 

Actually, it has not been possible to relate this attack to Donald Trump’s political bureau; thus, it is unknown if this campaign has been sent directly by them.

This attack can be an implemented action by any sympathizer fan of the political party MAGA who wants to assure his candidate the victory in the upcoming presidential elections.

However, Roblox users who have been affected by this attack have accessed their accounts with total normality after what happened. We recommend you all to access your accounts and check if you have been a victim of this situation.

What do users think about this fact?

Most of Roblox users have expressed their dissatisfaction about the current situation they are experiencing in the platform; they have manifested their opinions in social networks against the illegal access to their accounts to spread a political campaign.

Some of them have made public their comments; one of them said: “What is this? Why is my avatar look in that way?”, other commented: “What’s happen with my avatar? I am not American”, among many other comments from users expressing their confusion.

They have expressed to be disappointed in platform since it has not guaranteed the security of their accounts and their privacy has been violated. They have manifested their concern about the fact that Roblox has around 100 million users.

In the social networks, there have been discussions about this regard; the majority thinks that political propagandas should not be spread in a platform that is mainly used by children.

Nevertheless, Roblox has not given any pronouncement in this regard; there has been no permanent solution so far; we can just recommend users to access and change the password and also activate the two-factor authentication for greater safety.