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Learn Roblox tricks for your PC

Do you want to experience much more in your videogame? Learn tricks for Roblox PC no matter if you are a beginner or an expert, it is always good to review to have some tips in mind, that is why some tricks are always appreciated in order to improve and develop all your skills.
As in any other computer programs, smartphones or tablets, you will require of a special function in your device to apply the tricks that we will going to explain you. These keys will improve your experience in Roblox games.

What is the most used in Roblox tricks for PC

There is the possibility to improve your steps in the game by using Roblox tricks 2020, something helpful for you is to read carefully our tips and starting to apply the tricks to win the game.
Each game in Roblox have different developers, so the way to play them and even the tricks will be different in each world. Even though, you can try to use the tricks and see how they will give positive results.
The objective is not another thing than trying some tricks that you can do with the keyboard and functions inside Roblox. Also, there are sites where you can download commands to run in your PC. Due to the things mentioned before, this is an opportunity that you can´t lose.
There are three ways to make it work. Probably you have already used some of them which are: flying without airplanes, getting free hats and lag jumping. These are very popular on internet and among the community of Roblox games. You must also check Robloxia for new hacks.

How to fly without airplanes

 You will surely agree with me that the most wonderful thing of videogames is the fact that it is possible to fly high sky to obtain rewards, extra life, Robux or rove on the designed scenery in Roblox in the game you are. That is why, I mention this trick in Roblox 2020.
But What can you do to fly?

  • First of all, to fly without an airplane, you have to follow a basic way when you do not have this resource at hand. So, it is necessary to use the flying tool. In order to do that, you must to unlock the Riddling skull.
  • Secondly, take with you your monocycle with the flying tool. It is worthy to mention that it does not always work for all the items. The flying tool helps to find those items that really work. It will be interesting to know for yourself which one work and also in which world they work.
  • The third step is to choose an item to fly. I mentioned you before to use the monocycle. Now, you must slide it off the base or further and you will notice that as soon as it loses contact with the floor, it will start to fly very smoothly.

If you do not make it work at the first attempt, try again. In case it does not work, you will probably have to change the item. But undoubtedly the monocycle is proved to work without problems and you will notice it immediately.

  • When the flying trick start to work, you will have to use your skills to drive just as you do it in other games. You will feel like you are traveling better than in other videogame. Additionally, if you do some researches, you will find some other flying effects on the web.

Just to give you an example, there is the Dragon Ball Ranger flying effect. In order to use it, you must download an executable file. You must extract it from the folder and copy some codes and run the Script Exec, but it is a procedure that can violate the rules.

On the other hand, you can also make your avatar to fly by building brick blocks 2×2, 2×3 or 2×4 on the upper part of your feet and below your belly. Another trick to make your avatar fly is to walk heading to a crack on the wall and see the flying effect.

How to get free hats

As you probably know, Roblox has a gallery for avatars, but the game also allows you to create and buy them. Even though, it could be that the avatar you want is already done but you cannot have it.
You just have to be alert of any contest. Do not be intimidated of afraid thinking that only expert players are the only ones who participate and you do not have any chance to win. On the contrary, take the opportunity and you will get a hat totally free.
As a prove of your participation in the contest, you will have a special gift and that is a hat with some Robux. Now, if you want to get the hats in another way, there are some codes you can introduce to get them. The only thing is that the codes can be expired.
You can get these valid codes according to your preferences or likes. When you get the right code, you must introduce it on the Roblox portal, specifically, in the section of featured codes and, you will start to enjoy it immediately. This is for sure a very nice Roblox trick 2020.
Just to give you a preview of the most demanded available codes, here you have sites to find them: Highlight Hats, Squadrock Hat, Heart Hat, Popcorn Hat, RoConsole Hat, Fedora Hat and some more…

Discover how to jump with Lag

By this point, you will find the third Roblox trick for PC. To start let us talk about what a lag is. A lag is an excessive delay between the game and your pc or the server. It will be evident because you will notice the game to be slower.
This is something we can take advantage of, in a world with plenty enemies such as zombies, you can fight with them without any inconvenience because your PC will get slower due to the amount of graphics it has to generate. That lag can give an unexpected advantage.

Back to the function of lag jumping I told you before in the first part, you can use it at this point. Just wait until the agglomerated ghosts close to you. When you see that the screen flickers or it starts to be blurry that is the exact moment for you to do the hack.
You need to do the jump with the tools to run right before when you are on the ground. You will see immediately the amazing effect that will help you to run away. Just be aware that this does not solve the real connection problem of your PC.
Since it is very sure that the problem gets worse and you will notice that these problems avoid you can continue to play. That is why, we will give you some other tricks to apply them and see an improvement to continue in the game.

There are four ways to improve your PC regarding Lag:

Move you Router
As the title suggests, you need to move the Router as close as possible to your PC or you can also change the location of your PC. Why? Because normally, we play in a room and the WiFi signal has to travel through the walls, but the reality is that the waves crash against the walls.

You can also try to play in a PC connected directly to the network. That is a PC wired to the LAN connection. These kind of connections are more stable, and safer so, Roblox will run better and as consequence your interaction will be excellent.

Close programs
Any program installed in your PC consumes memory and graphic resources. So, what can you do to optimize your game? It is simple, close the programs that you are not using. If it is possible do not use anything else when you play in Roblox, by doing that, you will have better performance from your PC.

Also, close the internet browsers you have because they remain open in second plane and that consumes resources too. Even social networks like Facebook or Instagram can mine even more the available resources.

Reduce the graphics
To do this recommendation you must enter the setup menu by pressing the “esc” key and go to the graphic section, and you will be able to change the options.

Once there, select the manual option to take all the levels to the minimum. The default setup is the higher one. Now, you will have to evaluate which setup will provide you the best performance.

By adjusting these graphic options, you will notice meaningful changes while you sacrifice visual quality. The idea is to find the balance between the options.

Of course, in the future you can think of changing your PC or enhance it to be able to run the games. On the internet, you will find more information about it.