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Jailbreak (Roblox): FULL Guide

Cops and robbers is a game that everybody has played at least once in their lives when they are kids. Now, Roblox has a great (and free) video game where you can play the same expanded concepts with your friends.

Jailbreak is a great success in the Roblox platform and it has a big community around the game. It was created by Badimo studio in 2017, it belongs to the genres Town and City, and it has received many updates since then (the last one on May 2021).

Jailbreak is like the classic game of cops & robbers, but here you can play with up to 29 more players. Some will play as cops and the rest as thieves. There are several different maps and stages and, obviously, the cops have to catch the robbers. At the same time, while the robbers run away, they can steal and loot the city.

This is an extraordinary successful game and it’s super fun. It has been played more than 5 billion times. In fact, it was the first game in Roblox to receive more than 250 million visits: a complete classic.

Jailbreak was inspired by games like Prison Life, but Jailbreak has the target more focused on the external part of the jail, not on the inside. The robbers need to try committing robs and the cops have the mission to catch them and lock them in prison.

Jailbreak Tips & Tricks

Jailbreak is very simple and easy to play. There are no mysteries. First of all, you have to choose between the policemen or the robbers. If you choose the cops, you just have to catch the bad dudes. However, if you start as a robber, you’ll begin the game in prison and your first job will be to escape from there.

Here’s is how to do it…

How to escape from prison in Jailbreak

  • Your first option is through the cops’ rest courtyard, but you need to reach that place, which is not easy. If you do, you just have to break the wall box of electric power. Doing it so, the gate will open and your career as a thief will have begun.
  • Your second method to escape from jail is through the sewers. You need to find a moment when no policeman is looking at you. Then, go to the grate cover and press the button for ‘action’. You’ll go down and walk through some rooms. Finally, you’ll find a police car to exit the prison.
  • The third option is to stand behind a cop and then use ‘action’ to get your hands in his pockets. You could get a donut, a gun, and a key card, which you can use to open the gates of the prison. With this method, you could go to the rooftop and steal the helicopter.

How to get weapons in Jailbreak

Whether you are a policeman or a thief, having weapons on your side is a must, so you need to know where they are to be successful in your mission.

The most common places where you could get some weapons are the next ones:

  • Gun shops or armories (in the city)
  • Criminals’ den
  • Stealing a cop

Also, you must know that, at the beginning of the game, the only weapon you can have is a simple gun. To buy new weaponry, you need to play several times and reach at least 10,000 coins.

Be a master of robberies in Jailbreak

When you play as a robber, you need to find places to get money. This is easy. You can steal the gas station, many shops, museums, jewelry stores, banks, and more. In some places, you’ll get more money than in others, so one of the best things you could do is chain stealing: begin with one oh them, then another, and so on.

And now I’m gonna give you some tips about robberies:

  • Jewelry Store : We need to be next to the showcase glass with an X. Once you break it, you could enter by crouching. But be careful or you’ll die due to the security lasers inside. You have to dodge all the red lights. Whenever you are in front of the diamonds, break the glass and get them.
  • Museum : Once you arrive here, you have to go upstairs. You need a companion on the rooftop to set the explosives. When both of you are inside, you can steal the pictures, skeleton bones and even shoot the planets and carry them out. To exit, you’ll need the cooperation of your pal to open the doors with the switch. Then go to the gang hideout.
  • Bank: First of all, you need to get the key card from a cop. When you enter the bank, you have to avoid the red lasers and then simply fill your bags with all the money. 

What are the best and worst parts of Jailbreak?

Good elements:

  • The game is really big and full of things to do.
  • It’s a very fun multiplayer game.
  • You can play two roles: be a good boy or a bad criminal.

Bad elements: 

  • It’s much funnier to be a policeman than a robber.
  • Graphics are very simple and that subtract emotion from the action.

Jailbreak Codes

This is a particular case. At this very moment, there are no valid codes to use in the Jailbreak game. There have been at least 35 codes in the past years, but now they are all expired. You’ll have to wait for new ones. Pay attention to Badimo’s Twitter account (the creators).



Jailbreak is a classic Robux-styled game about cops and robbers. You have to choose your team: the good ones or the bad guys. Both are really fun!

Millions of people have tried and enjoyed this multiplayer action game full of options and possibilities. Escape and steal like a thief or catch the criminals with the police. You decide your destiny.

Be prepared for having fun with your friends in lots of scenarios where cops and robbers try to do what they are expected to do. You can be both of them.