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How to remove the ban in Roblox

If you have been banned, you certainly want to know how to remove a Roblox ban. As in every game, it is necessary to fulfill the rules in order that you can keep on participating on it. Thus, it is always recommendable to read those rules.

Generally, when we register in any place, there is a section called terms and conditions of use. It is not there just for clicking on accept and that is all; we should read it! In this way, we avoid misusing the program concerned.

Why you can be banned in Roblox

To determine how to remove a ban in Roblox, first, you should know what it means to be banned, that is, you are blocked o restricted from your account since you have broken the game conditions or its code of conduct.

Remember that rules are required for the control and regulation of activities carried out, not only within the game but also for life in general.

That is why Roblox administrators are so strict about this regard; because they desire that all players have a good time with their mind at ease.

Reasons for being banned

Some of the reasons by which a player is banned, or most of them, have to deal with the players’ conduct within the game. For instance:

  • If you bother constantly other player and he reports it, you are banned for harassment.
  • By intimidating or threatening other user, he will surely report you and you will be blocked.
  • For insulting others in the game chat.
  • Roblox is a game that has the option of socializing and chatting, but it shouldn’t be used to arrange romantic dates. If you do so, game administrators will ban you.
  • You neither reveal your personal information nor other players´ personal information, not even in a private message.
  • As in Roblox participate adults and children, it is forbidden to discuss themes reserved only for adults which can disturb a kid. (For example, porn or violence).
  • Other aspect that is penalized in the game is to humiliate, ridicule or make fun of other player. You may be banned, at least, for a while.
  • You mustn’t spread rumors or defame other community player.
  • No one must exclude or discriminate anyone within the game, since any race, color, social status, religion or any other distinction is made there.
  • You should not cheat.
  • You should not hack the game.
  • Any lottery or contest can be done given that Roblox may consider this as a scam and it will ban you.

Still less acceptable is inciting other player to do some of the actions previously mentioned. Instead, if you see someone is having this kind of behaviors, you should report him. What is desired is making the community a healthy and pleasant place

So unless you want to be banned, avoid those actions; otherwise, depending on the gravity of your behavior, the penalization can be that you receive a warning, be blocked temporary or permanently.

Remember that Roblox wants you to have fun and live the best experience in this game. Therefore, respect the rules made for everyone’s security and avoid being banned.

What do you do if you are banned in Roblox

Unfortunately, if you have broken the game rules and Roblox bans you, you will loose the opportunity to keep on developing  games for them and also all your Robux coins and elements you have won or bought within the game.

If you think that by creating other account will help you, do not even think about it, because Roblox will ban you too when they realize you have other users, even if you have not broken the rules or been reported for someone.

If the game administrators have banned you permanently or deleted your account, the only thing you can do is to contact them, and wait for their favorable reply.

How to remove the Roblox ban

If you still have hopes of continuing within the game, there are several things you can try to see how to remove the Roblox ban. However, you should take into account the fact that it works will greatly depend on the gravity of your misconduct.

It will also depend on the restriction applied to you, whereas it is blocked your user or your IP address. If your user is blocked, it is usually temporary; sometimes for a specific period of time.

It happens when your fault is not too grave, and you simply are warned and you are banned for certain amount of days (maybe 3), but once that time passes, you can play normally.

Nevertheless, you will not be completely unharmed; you will be among the users that have been warned for misbehaving. That is why, you will have to be more careful to not brake the rules so that it does not have to be a big deal.

It might not be your case, and you should try other alternatives such as to contact the game costumer’s service since, perhaps, your ban is due to an error or someone reports you unfairly.

In that case, it is your job to show that it was a mistake or an unfair report; but, the administrators are not the ones who decide anymore. For sure, you will be able to solve that.

On the other hand, your restriction can be just in the IP address, that is, the sequence of numbers identifying your internet connection; that means that your IP has been placed in the black list and Roblox is going to block that address permanently.

In that case, you can try turning off the internet modem or router for some minutes and, later, turning it on again to see if you are assigned with a new IP. If it works, you will be able to play with the new IP since it is not blocked.

This is the most used and most accurate option. But, in the case you do this and you keep on being blocked, you can try something else: to use a VPN. How?

How to use a VPN to remove the Roblox ban

There are several ways of blocking or banning, it can be restricted the user or the person’s account who have broken the rules of the game; but there are other ways.

Generally, these blockages and restrictions are based on the players’ IP because, by doing so in such a way, it is practical and safe regarding to the player’s identification.

In other words, the IP access is banned so that it cannot do certain actions within the game. Therefore, many are using VPN to remove the Roblox ban.

How is it removed the Roblox ban?

A VPN is a program or app that is used to maintain hidden your original IP, that means, it is invisible or changed by a different one in a artificial way.

The VPNs can be used in almost any device because they are compatible with the operative sytems of Android, Mac, Windows, game consoles, among others without any trouble. Moreover, there are many and some of them are pretty economical.

Yet, there are some VPNs free; in this case, we recommend you to use one paid since they are more efficient and steady.

In the case it does not work either, you can do something more regarding to your IP, and that is to ask your internet service provider for changing your IP remotely. Something that is quite easy.

However, do not rely on, by now they have just blocked your IP, and you can solve it by the ways previously indicated. But, it is possible that in the future the platform changes the way to block and you can do nothing.

Therefore, although all this work for you or not, the best thing you can do is not to break the rules. Something that will help you is to have a good attitude; that will allow you to follow the policy, terms and conditions in an easier way.

Most of these rules have to do with your personality; develop a good personality, be kind with everyone, do not divulge information that you should not nor harm the children.

When you behave in such a way, you will realize that you and all the community completely enjoy the game without dealing with any kind of restrictions. Have fun without harm anyone and you will enjoy it!