How to get Robux (RBX) for free legally?

Since its official release in 2006, none of the people involved in the creation of Roblox imagined that, over time, this game would remain in force, and be part of the list of the most popular games worldwide.

Roblox was initially developed to be played in Windows and Mac operating systems, but with the great receptivity obtained by the community of players and the boom in the use of mobile devices, would be later launched a version for these mobile platforms, both iOS and Android.

There are countless Roblox games that we have at our disposal to create, build and participate, either individually or collectively. Along with this, Roblox also offers us the opportunity to acquire materials and accessories to raise our status in the game and get a better performance.

But this is only possible through the use of an element known as Robux, a trade currency that you can get as compensation in exchange for performing some tasks. However, accumulating a large amount of Robux requires a lot of time and effort, but there are some methods that will allow us to accumulate them quickly.

What is Robux?

Represented with the symbol R$, Robux (combination of the words Roblox and bucks), is the commercial exchange currency used within Roblox, which was established in the game on May 14, 2007, replacing the Roblux points, although its use was alternated with another existing exchange currency in the game known as Tix, which remained in force until April 14, 2016, causing Robux to consolidate as the only commercial currency in Roblox until today.
In this sense, Roblox has an exclusive catalog of items where you can find tools, weapons and accessories related to the game, but that can only be purchased through Robux.

Quantity and privileges that you can get with Robux

  • 10 Robux: This represents the minimum amount for which you can bid on an ad to promote your games, groups or clothes within the game.
  • 20 – 350 Robux: Get the opportunity to upload an audio file to the library which, depending on the length of the file, will influence the amount of Robux to pay within the specified range.
  • 25 Robux: As a group owner, this amount allows you to assign a new rank to the group.
  • 100 Robux: For this amount, if you want to get a custom badge for your game you can create it, as well as, for the same amount, you will have the opportunity to create groups if you have a premium membership.
  • Previously with 500 Robux, as the owner of the group, you might have the opportunity to create a clan for your group. Currently clans can no longer be bought.
  • 500 Robux: This amount will allow you to upload a thumbnail video image.
  • 1000 Robux: This amount allows you to change your username.

Other benefits you can buy with Robux are:

  • Access to premium games whose prices are variable.
  • Paid items from the Roblox catalog.
  • Game passes in case you want to develop products for specific games.

Get Robux for free legally

Taking into consideration the level of effort you must make within Roblox to get Robux with which to access the different privileges offered by the game, there are several alternatives that will facilitate a little this goal, such as:


One of the ways to get robux is through specific websites where you must perform a set of tasks, which, when executed correctly will guarantee a specific amount of robux. One of these sites is PointsPrizes where your effort will be fairly rewarded, as long as you complete the tasks assigned there.

For more information on how to get robux with this option click HERE

Builders Club membership

The Roblox Builders Club is one of the easiest ways to get robux without doing anything else than joining this page in which you will receive a daily dose of this coin, as well as other benefits depending on the plan you choose.

For more information on how to get robux with this option click HERE

Builders Club market

The Builders Club Market is a section incorporated within the Builders Club where anyone who is a member can have the opportunity to obtain robux through the sale of products and collectibles related to Roblox games.

For more information on how to obtain robux with this option click HERE

Working for Roblox

While Roblox is a platform where users can have a wide variety of games to choose from to meet their entertainment needs, it also features tools available to all users who have the skills and talent needed for game development, which will allow them to obtain a large amount of robux in exchange for access by other interested users.

For more information on how to get robux with this option click HERE

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