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How to get Pet Show codes?

Are you looking for Pet Show codes?  Pet Show is one of the funniest and most requested games, not only for children, but also for adolescents and even for adults. This game drives creativity and promotes love for pets.

Pet Show codes serve for winning rewards, gems, pet objects and much more. This article explains what is Pet Show, what’s the game about, why it is so funny, and more than this, you will get the most updated code list.

What is Pet Show in Roblox?

Pet Shop is a game from the Roblox platform, where a competition among pets is recreated.

You should use your imagination to play this game and be very creative, because you ought to create your own pet, so that the other gamers can vote for you in the show or exhibition. Among other interesting things, in this game, you can choose the pet you want; you can go from a kitten to a serpent.

The first step is to choose the pet, then, you can change some of its features, as eyes, mouth, nose, ears, tail, etc. Furthermore, you should create its clothing, according to the exhibition’s topic.

Go to the pet store

The store has infinite accessories to interchange as scarfs, hats, dresses, neckless, and you can even add certain effects as leaves or flowers. These accessories are all available in different colors to match the outfit you choose for your pet.

You will have a due time to dress your pet, and then the time of truth: Go out for exhibition with all the other gamers’ pets and wait for the election, hopping to get the first place.

Pet Show active code list

You cannot miss this Pet Show code list, because, they can make you win free diamonds or candies. It is the most up to date active code list.

Following is the most updated Pet Show code list:

  • To get candies use: likemaniac
  • To get diamonds, please introduce: petshow
  • To get 200 candies and 200 diamonds, introduce: testers
  • With these three las codes, your award is 100 diamonds:
  • Release
  • Likegan
  • Welcome

Coins could help your pet to have a better performance in the program and take it to the win. The diamonds could provide additional pet sounds. And, you can use candies to buy tricks for your pet to perform while on the scenario.

Ways to Exchange your Pet Show codes

Exchanging the Pet Show codes is an easy and simple process, which you can do from the game, using the code list above, you could exchange them, using the following steps:

  1. Click on the clear blue star icon that’s on the side of the screen.
  2. An emerging window will appear, where you enter the code.
  3. After entering the code correctly, only press the button exchange and receive your reward.

This is the easiest way to exchange Pet Show codes and receive your reward instantly.

What does Pet Show game consist of?

When you enter the game, the first thing is to choose your “pet trainer” and give it the “username” to identify you in the game. If you enter in the intermission time, you would have the opportunity of buying pets, accessories, and among many other things you can buy a VIP section.

Then, you will have three minutes to fix and place accessories on your pet. On the top of the screen is the chosen topic for the following exhibition. You must try to make your pet fit in the topic, so, you could obtain more votes.

At the center of your screen, a indicator will appear, it will guide you as how you have to dress and place accessories on your pet. For example, the bar could indicate “highlight lips” or “decorate neck”. Place the accessories that impress and amaze others.

What else can you do?

You can design your pet completely, placing eyes, nose, mouth, ears and the different accessories you find in the store. Remember to be in harmony with the chosen topic.

If you buy a VIP section, your pet will use unique accessories and your outfit would not be as that of others. This could give you many more points in the exhibition.


Among the accessories you can place on your pet, there are scarfs, dresses, neckless, hats, etc. You can play with the colors so that your outfit is striking and impress everybody when on stage.

Once the three minutes have passed, all the pets should be ready and dressed for the exhibition. During the show, pets would model on the catway, and they can show some of their abilities in the obstacle race.

Gamers are the judges and they have the power to decide who wins the contest. You are a judge too, for the other pets that are participating in the exhibition.

Let´s play

As the show starts, the pets will start to appear, one by one. Using the candies, that you got exchanging the code given above, you can make your pet shine and show up on the catwalk by performing some tricks.

Go to all the resources with your pet’s coins, it can perform better in the program and with the diamonds you can add some sound that goes with its presentation.

When the other gamers’ pets appear, five buttons come up, so that you can vote, Buttons go from number 1 to 5. Remember that the objective of your vote is to notice all the aspects of the pet’s outfit and also if it meets all the requirements according to the exhibition topic.

After all the pets have modeled and the voting accomplished, the awarding starts from the first to the third place. Make a big effort to win.

Why it’s fun to play Pet Show in Roblox?

Pet Show is a very funny game, you will entertain yourself creating your own pet, designing its face, combining the many colors and accessories from the store.

Furthermore, it becomes addictive until reaching the first place. You become more and more innovative with your pet and its appearance. This game is the opportunity to test your abilities when you are competitive and also creative.

The topics are so diverse that you never get board of changing your pet to fit the theme of the next exhibition. You also have the opportunity to buy different pets as cats, mice, an octopus, or even a serpent.

Each time you participate in an exhibition, you get used to the variety of accessories, which are available in the store and you will be able to buy all that you need to participate and win.

A very funny game

What’s the fun of Pet Show is that you never play alone, there will be other gamers playing with you, totally on line. They, as you want to win and they are striving to design the funniest and creative pet.

In the end, you enjoy a beautiful exhibition, where all pets model beside your “pet trainer”.  You will be able to see your designs, the accessories, the colors they combined and how they were created according to the topic.

What’s more, in Pet Show you can create your own pet and see it model. You can also judge other gamers and their pets, being objective with their creations.

This game promotes gamers creativity, as what’s more valued is imagination.