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How to get free Robux in Roblox

If you are already immersed in metagames, you absolutely need to know how to get free Robux in Roblox easy; fortunately, you can do it without the need to buy them with electronic money; in this way you can continue to build your game making it better or keeping going in others without trouble.

In life, there are always alternatives to do the same things others do. The same happens in this addictive game; the thing is how to do it in a safe way, without blockages and thus achieve the desired objective of having more Roblox. Come with me in the next reading for knowing s and so you can make it.

Safe ways to obtain Robux in Roblox

Now, knowing that it is possible to get free Robux is not enough; we need to know how to get free Robux in Roblox easy in the safe way, so that you can continue in the game:

By the predomination in the game, for obtaining the accessories or special pieces you have to buy Robux, although it is the game coin, it is pretty real since you should change or convert your money; that evidently implies a charge that you need to take on during the game.

Since it is nothing new the idea of hacking games, there is never a lack of someone saying that he found a page for generating Robux or, even better yet, that he counts with a program.

Be careful, the easy way may results in a big loss; besides, making such a thing is unlikely.

Within the game, there are three ways for doing so; you probably have seen it before according to the designers; however, you do not know how to use it.

Understanding well the dynamic and getting down to work to acquire Robux is up to you.

  • To sell Objects

To begin with, you need to count with a Roblux Premium account which provides you with the advantage of selling your suits and objects creations, so to speak. To catch people, try designing clothing with logos.

A model as an example to follow is making clothing with logos; they are very iconic around the world; something like the Marvel super heroes or trend marks like Ferrari. Try to create something very famous with your personal touch and does not exist in Roblox.

To start making them, it is indispensable to download templates which come with the game. In the clothing area, there are shirts and pants templates; you must know this, but it does not hurt to mention it.

It is also important to know that you must not change the clothes size, and this is imperative for creating because your clothes could be rejected by Roblox. The sizes are 585 wide and 559 high.

To achieve this, the templates must be edited; therefore, you will need an editor program such as Paint; nevertheless, it will not provide you with the required finishes and your clothes will not be attractive. Thus, you will spend time without any benefit.

It is better to download specialized programs such as InkScape or Illustrator. The difference lies in the fact that the latter is a paid program. But, you can find out if PhotoShop is good for you since what you need is making your picture vectorial.

To create, open a template in the selected editor; it is worthy to know a little how to use them and, thus, you just have to be inspired; as a templates general rule, it is required to understand the basic concept:

Light blue: part of shoulders and shirt that are seen from above.

Dark blue: part of the back and arms seen from the back.

Red: part of chest and arms seen from the front.

Green: part of shirt and arms seen from the front.

Yellow: part of arms seen from inside.

Orange: part of arms seen from below.

  • To sell Game Passes

By creating your first game you will be able to generate game passes that will be required by others for playing it, and you can sell it at the price you desire; of course, these tickets will generate you better incomes if you do it by means of your Premium Roblux account. In this way, you obtain even a 70% of safe Robux.

Por lo que te recomiendo que diseñes tu video juego pensando en los tickets de habilidades, objetos ó algún otro beneficio para avanzar en el mismo que sea útil para el jugador y de precio cómodo para que adquieran varios al mismo tiempo.

For this reason, I recommend you to design your video game by thinking of the skills tickets, objects or any other benefit to move forward in it and that is useful for the player at an affordable price so that they acquire many at the same time.

  • To Sell Game Access

These are tickets generated for accessing to your video game; the idea is to make worth paying for your game and, therefore, you will be able to obtain even 1000 Robux in one stroke by only one sale since that is the maximum price and the range starts from 25 Robux.

Of course, here you can apply sale strategies, that is, by creating a good game that does not require a huge effort, so that it can be low-priced and there will be more demand. But, find out what is in a great demand.

Up to here, in this part of the article, I have covered what you can do within the game. Now, you will know other options that can help you, and that is that internet may be your best ally if you know that I am referring to seek the codes for Roblox that exist.

  • Roblox Codes

Codes are nothing more than gifts; you get them by fulfilling or following certain steps. They are also known as promocodes. They consist of a series of letters and numbers created by the game designers; therefore, you cannot create them nor generate them; it is not possible.

To find them, you need to visit the Roblox social networks since, only there, you can find them; for example, in Twitter @Roblox, or in the very website. What you have to do it is follow them and check it out constantly for finding any code posted.

The second way will require some money because the codes are purchased in the official figures Roblox package, and they come attached. Not all codes you find, even in the very website, will help you due to some of them eventually get out of date.

In tweetroblox and spidercola websites, you will find the current list of codes available. There are plenty of them due to they are varied codes for each game.

Generally, in the websites that provide tips about this game, you will be able to find the codes of the most popular games; likewise, they show you a large list of codes that are not suitable anymore.

To redeem your promocodes you just have to enter the portal web Here, you will find a highlighted area where you have to paste the code; you will know that belongs to you since you can visualize it in your inventory immediately.

If the code does not appear in the inventory is obviously because it is not written correctly or it expired.

Next alternatives, in short words, are about working by payment in Robux; something that is quite common; but here I left you the explanation if you did not know about it:

  • Working with apps that pay with Robux

It is nothing new since it is a common issue to find apps which pay you for testing them or doing others tasks inside them. The difference is that you are paid in Robux which is necessary to go forward in your videogame.

There are mixed opinions about this point since, for some people, it seems profitable, but, for others it does not. It will depend on what you choose or your circumstances. Of course, I encourage you to evaluate the time you spend in comparison with the real earning you will obtain.

To take one example, most of those apps will ask you for taking part in surveys, testing other videogames, and so on. And, probably, you will spend one week for getting it just to receive around 4$.

But, there is also the issue of the reliance; you may wonder if you will be actually paid. That is why there are some recommended apps since they have been testing with total guarantee. Some of them are:

  • Google Opinion Rewards
  • Cash For Apps
  • AppKarma
  • Gamehag to gain Robux

This is a very popular way to gain money for changing by Robux; it is pretty safe and generates a major income for the time invested; also, it is amusing. This is about gaining soul gems which are changed for Google Play cards.

The incomes will depend on you but, as an interesting fact, you can obtain cards of up to 15$ what is more than enough in Robux, isn’t it?

You can gain soul gems by the following options:

  • Playing games.
  • Playing minigames.
  • Writing articles.
  • Upload videos in YouTube talking about gamehag.
  • Fulfilling missions.
  • Inviting friends.
  • Leveling up.
  • Taking part in surveys.
  • Downloading apps.
  • Downloading gamehag app.
  • Activating e-mails.
  • Speaking in forum.

I suggest you to investigate a little more in which you can develop or is easier for you. Thus, star now in testing, gaining and changing by Robux.