How to download Zoom Cloud Meetings

What is Zoom Cloud Meetings?

Zoom is an app created in 2011, but it started to work in 2013. Although it is an “old” app, it has acquired fame and prestige in recent months, due to Covid-19. Thanks to this new virus, Zoom Cloud Meetings has reported a 67% increase in its use. You could in a sense say that Zoom Cloud Meetings is the new and powerful enemy of Skype.

As you know, many people have had to work or study from home because of Covid-19, in order to stop the spread of the virus around the world. Therefore, people have had to find solutions to the problems of working or studying from home. A new scenario appeared and people were not used to it. Thus, Zoom Cloud Meetings was, and still is, the perfect solution to communicate to each other through video calls.

However, what makes Zoom different regarding other video calls apps? Zoom Cloud Meetings focuses primary on business meetings among workers of companies. It allow meetings up to 100 people and, in addition, people can record the video calls, transcribe the audio automatically, change the background of your video, and so on.

You can either pay for Zoom Cloud Meetings and enjoy all its benefits and options, or you can use the free version of Zoom; you will be still able to enjoy many of its options and benefits, so it is not indispensable to pay for Zoom in order to use it.

There are different prices for different options available, so choose the plan best suited to your needs:

I recommend you reading this post in order to know how to download Zoom.

Where to download Zoom Cloud Meetings from an official site

Download Zoom Cloud Meetings for Android devices.

Download Zoom Cloud Meetings for iOS devices.


Zoom Cloud Meetings: free version

 Let’s talk about the free version of Zoom Cloud Meetings. The free version of Zoom also has many benefits and options available for users who do not want to pay for it. Any person can download and register on Zoom Cloud Meetings. Once you have access Zoom, you will be able to start enjoying its benefits. However, there are some limitations. For example, group meetings (from three people or more) last no more than 40 minutes, but you can create meetings up to 100 people. If you need a longer video call or more than 100 people meetings, you will have to get the paid version.

However, you can enjoy other benefits like:

  • You can share your screen.
  • You can change the background of your video.
  • Applications and desktop sharing.
  • Extensions for Chrome and Outlook.
  • You can record video calls.
  • You can host meetings and get access to controls.

 As you see, Zoom is a very complete app even if you only use the free version.


How to use Zoom and make video calls

 Zoom Cloud Meetings are available for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android devices. It is important to know that the one who creates the meeting needs to register on Zoom, but the ones who join the meetings do not need to be registered on Zoom. Those people can join the meeting from a link or an ID. Just in case you want to get an account of Zoom, you can get it using Google, Facebook or SSO.

Once you have access the meetings by using the link or ID, you will be able to control your own video or audio. You can also raise your hand to take the floor (the group creator can silence the participants, so this option is perfect for people to interact at certain times); send reactions, chat with the participants, either in public or privately, and so on.

In addition, Zoom allows you to see even 49 participants at the same time in a kind of gallery. Zoom also brings out the cam of the participant who is talking at that moment.

It is important to know that recording audios or videos are only available on PC. If you want to record from a smartphone or tablet, you need a registration on Zoom.


In conclusion 

Zoom is a very complete and intuitive app to use to communicate to each other, even if you only get the free version.

Nowadays, Zoom is a very useful app, since we are getting through tough times and we need to stay at home in order not to spread the new virus. However, it is not useful only for working; it is also used as a link for being in contact with our loved ones.

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