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How to Create your own game and sell Game Accesses and Game Passes in Roblox

Believe it or not, you can create your own video games in Roblox. Yeah, you can bring to reality anything you can imagine with the classic squared graphics of this virtual universe. It’s really easy to be a game designer in Roblox. You just need the tool they are offering to you for free, which is called Roblox Studio.

But the dream doesn’t stop there. Whenever you are done with your game, you can sell game passes and game accesses and charge the players in Robux. This is real. There are some people making a living with their games in Roblox. In fact, all the most famous games in Roblox were made by developers without any previous experience in coding.

The first steps to start creating games in Roblox

As we said earlier, all you need to build your games in Roblox is the Roblox Studio tool. To access it, in the Roblox menu, you need to click on the ‘Create’ button. There you’ll find some video tutorials about game creation and you’ll see the option ‘Start creating’. If it’s the first time you click on it, Roblox Studio will start downloading into your computer.

Maybe you are wondering if it’s possible to create a game from your tablet or your smartphone. Unfortunately, the answer is NO. You need the computing power of a laptop or desktop. Also, the menus of Roblox Studio need some free screen space to display and small devices make it impossible to work with such a tool.

When Roblox Studio is installed on your computer, just click again on the Roblox menu, on the ‘Start creating’ option, and then Roblox Studio will run automatically.

The first thing you’ll see in Roblox Studio is a window where you’ll have to choose one template for your game. You have the most basic, called ‘Baseplate’, which comes almost absolutely void, just with a plain gray base. This is the best if you want to experiment or if you don’t need pre-existent objects.

Apart from that, you have almost 20 more templates used for different kinds of games: flat terrain, village, castle, suburban, racing, pirate island, western, city, infinite runner, combat…

It would be impossible to explain here every little aspect of every template or the tools that Roblox Studio can offer you. This guide is only to give you general indications of what you can do with it. If you are interested in learning Roblox Studio deeply, we suggest you look for YouTube tutorials.

What kind of games can you create with Roblox Studio?

Well, there are, literally, no limits. You can make hundreds of different games if you want to. You can create your own rules, objects, characters, weapons, scenarios, levels, enemies, dungeons, rewards… Whatever. The only limit is your imagination. Oh, and the classic simple graphics of Roblox. You can’t change that.

In terms of complexity, take into consideration the games that you already know (or have played) in Roblox. You could do anything with that level of elaboration, but with your own design and graphics. But don’t try to make something like Counter-Strike. That would be too much.

Do I need to know to code to make my game in Roblox?

No, you don’t! The system of Roblox Studio is very easy and intuitive. You can create many games without writing a single line of code. Most of the options are activated by clicking buttons and a ‘drag & drop’ interface.

But we won’t lie to you: If you know to code, you will be able to expand your ideas to their maximum potential. In fact, Roblox is the perfect environment to start learning how to code, especially for children. If you have ever been interested in code, don’t miss this opportunity to start while having fun with Roblox.

The code language used in Roblox Studio is called Lua, which is similar to JavaScript, the main programming language of the web. If you learn to code, you could bring to life your most complex game ideas and, without a doubt, better video games. All the major games in Roblox have been built with coding.

So, do you need to know to code in Roblox Studio? Absolutely, no, but if you learn, your games will be way deeper and better. We recommend you try it.

Is easy to make a game with Roblox Studio?

Well, what really is not easy to answer is this question. Every situation is different. We can say that is easy to create a simple game. But if you want to create more complex games, with bigger levels, lots of rules, many characters interacting, vehicles, physics, etc… you’ll need to code. And that’s where the difficulty starts.

This will depend on your previous experience with code. If you have written code before, it will be very easy for you. If not, Roblox Studio has an environment and an editor that simplifies the task, but you’ll have to learn many things too.

Undoubtedly, you’ll have to make an effort. It won’t be a walk in the garden… but we can tell you that it will be funny to see the result. All you have to do is practice, practice, and practice. Programming is a long path (almost perpetual) so don’t be discouraged. Make little steps every day and you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve in a short time.

How long will it take to make a game with Roblox Studio?

If the previous question was already difficult… this is even harder. The time that you will need to finish depends on multiple factors.

We could tell that you can make a game in just an afternoon or you could spend two years working on it and never be able to finish it. Both situations could be true. It’s impossible to indicate how much time you’ll need, but if you want to think about it, you’ll have to reflect on these questions:

  • The kind of game that you want tomake.
  • The level of complexity of your project.
  • Your knowledge in programming.
  • The number of hours you can invest in your game.
  • The number of people working with you in it.

The more of these factors you have in your favor, the greater your chances of achieving your goals (and in less time). Our advice for you is not to try to make a very complex game at the beginning. Focus yourself first on making simple things, and then progressively go adding more elements and mechanics.

Earn money selling Game Accesses and Game Passes for your games 

If you have reached the end of your game project, you must know that you can win money by selling game accesses and game passes to it. Of course, for it to work well, you need to have a good game that people want to play.

A Game access is a price that someone pays just to play your game. You can select the price in Robux up to 1,000 R$, but that’s the maximum. Don’t be so crazy. You should choose a price according to the quality of your game. If your project is a success, you could earn a lot of money with it.

On the other side, a Game pass is an extra that someone buys to get more advantages inside the game or special features.

To create a Game pass, first, go to your game menu. You have to select a zone of your game where you want to create it. On the left menu, click on the gear icon and then on ‘Create Game Pass’.

The next step will be to add an icon for your game pass. You’ll need to create and upload a rounded image of 512 x 512 pixels. You need it to be in any of the next formats: .JPG, .PNG, .GIF, or .BMP.

Once the Game Pass is created it will appear on your menu. Then, click on the gear icon of the game pass and select Configure > Sales. There you can activate the public sale, but first, you have to choose a price for the game pass. It can be from 100 to 500 Robux, but it should be worth it.

Finally, remember that Roblox will keep 30% of every sale and you’ll receive the 70% rest. Go and create your own game now. It will be fun and… who knows, maybe you could make it a life-changing experience.