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How to create a Roblox account – Tutorial Guide

Do you want to know how to make a Roblox account? You have arrived to the right place. In this tutorial you will discover how  to create a free Roblox account, so you can be tune up with the games that all your friends enjoy and you could play in your own style.

With the enormous amount of accounts for more than 60 million users around the world, this online game gives you a variety of worlds, to make you live amazing fantasies with each one. Get to know the different games that Roblox has created for you.

Steps to create a Roblox account

Roblox (acronym of Robot Blocks or Legos), offers you a world of possibilities to transform you in the avatar that you want and overcome the challenges of each game, getting the resources you need, while you explore and construct each virtual scenario in the zone called Roblox Studio.

Design your own world and accomplish diverse exploring activities, where you can collect various resources and create useful articles. You can also play mini games within the main game, as well as combat occasionally.

Technically speaking, this wonderful game uses a personalized programming language named Roblox Lua, thanks to which you can enjoy having the studio on your PC so, that you can design your virtual environment.

As you have heard, this game offers you diverse options and modalities, so that you can test your intellect to overcome the fascinating challenges you will find and interact with your friend and other players.

Develop your full imagination creating original spaces to have fun with your friends in a 3-dimension experience. Do you want to start entertaining yourself?

Before, you have to know how to create a Roblox account and here you will learn how to do it in a simple and effective way. Do not worry about the safety of this site, as it is ruled by policies that guaranty the protection of under aged.

Then, just follow the subsequent procedure:

  • Enter Roblox official site:
  • Complete the data on the form: Date of Birth, user, 8-character password and sex. Remember not to use your real name to play. It is better to use a good nickname.
  • Read and accept the conditions and clauses of the game, to be able to play it.
  • Now, register, pressing the interactive button that is bellow the form you completed.
  • To conform. The system will show a verification system to know if you are a real person or a robot. Follow the instructions and ready.
  • Roblox will suggest different games and you can follow anyone.
  • Select the one that you like most and start designing and enjoying the funny episodes Roblox has prepared for you.

In order that your avatar is automatically available each time you open the session, you must install Roblox payer. How can you do so? When you visit any game, you would see a green button which says play. Press it and a window will come up to confirm the installation.

It is possible that a secondary frame appears asking you to chose a program. Press where Roblox indicates and confirm your answer. Chose to remember your option, so it does not ask you again.

You can feature the appearance of your avatar, progressively. You are suggested to visit the avatar store and select the accessories that you most like as: facial expressions, outfits, animations, hair types and styles, and others.

On the left of the menu, you can select the available categories, which go from basic models to original models designed by Roblox community. All the options are paid for.

These elements are interchangeable within the Roblox community. Another important suggestion is how to install the Roblox studio on your PC. It is very simple:

  • Enter Roblox official platform:
  • Log in with your account data.
  • Visit any of your games.
  • On the upper ribbon, you will see the option create. Press to go to the menu.
  • Immediately, the lobby of the studio appears. It invites you to create any idea you imagine.
  • Choose, start to create and the studio will automatically download in your PC.
  • Once installed, it will automatically open.

Use all the resources available with ingenuity and creativity to start designing your virtual spaces from your PC and enjoy playing your favorite games.

Do you know that many designers earn money for their creations on Roblox? A great community of more than 60 million users could be willing to buy a virtual space that you design, this is, if you make it spectacular and very original.

On the other hand, if you are a parent and you are worried about your children safety, it is important that you know, that in the case of minors, the platform restricts their total access to the content of the games, as the possibility of linking to the social network.

How to activate and verify your Roblox account

To create a free Roblox account and enjoy surfing the web in a safe way, you should activate and also verify it. Thus, you can protect your data from being robbed.

Now, discover how to make a Roblox account, and to verify it, you just have to fill in the following data:

  • Enter the official Roblox platform:
  • Log in with your account data.
  • Once in, there are 3 icons in the upper right corner. The one in form of a nut is the Configuration. Press it.
  • You will see a menu with your account configuration. It has the data you already registered.
  • In red, you will be asked two more specific data: your email address and your phone number.
  • Add this last information to personalize your account.
  • To confirm them. The system will send a SMS to your phone and an email to your address.
  • In both cases, you should re-send the code that the platform sends you, to establish your identity correctly and protect your data.

Why verify your account?

As it is well known, there are skilled programmers that, fraudulently can steel accounts who have many followers on the web and that could generate earnings if they are sold to the best buyer.

On the other hand, it is possible that those who want to steel your account, do so, because your design is original, and they want it without the effort of creating it themselves.

How can you protect your account?

We have already shown you the initial procedures to open an account for which you filled in basic data. Now, you will need to personalize the account with more specific data, that identify you and distinguish you from other players or scammers.

This safety requirement is necessary to have your account protected and have a sense of confidence, knowing that your progress in the game is fully safeguarded so that only you can access it from your account.

There are also other data bellow that you are nor suppose to fill in, but at the same time they make you unique, as for example: other email accounts, and a short description of your avatar.

As a measure of safety, the system suggests not to write any data that expose you out of the game. So, you can use your creativity and ingenuity to create your character, but at the same time protect your real identity.

You can also configure who can see your avatar and the game’s progress, on a function displayed bellow. There you have the option of choosing among your friends, followers, those who follow or nobody.

With this simple tutorial, you are ready or prepared to start to enjoy the fun and fascinating emotions that this marvelous game will give you. Let your imagination fly and develop your creativity while you construct original virtual spaces.

Get to know new avatars and share with your friends, in this game that bring together more and more followers to same entertainment, from a wide community from all around the planet, of different ages and ideas.