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How can your kids play Roblox with total security?

The sensation of the moment is to play Roblox online game. This game counts with more than 84 million free games for having fun on the platform; that is why, as a father, you are surely concerned about the influence that this kind of entertaining can have on your children.

How can you make sure that to play Roblox online game on your PC is not a danger for your children? All depend on how well you know this game along with the good orientation you can provide them.

What is Roblox game about?

Roblox is a virtual reality multiplayer game in 3 dimensions that offers the user to create an avatar and an implied scenario where other players, from all over the world – adults or children – can interact. All worlds are created freely in the Roblox Studio.
This platform facilitates the creative development of imagination by making available to the player diverse tools and resources to make virtual spaces in an original form.
It allows you to overcome some challenges settled by the player himself, or for those challenges created by another player.
It also has chats and private rooms for participants’ virtual encounters, online conversations at the time games are developed, the possibility of following and gaining followers, as well as, the option of Robux purchasing to acquire useful resources for the avatar or world that is being created.

What content is Roblox about?

If you play Roblox online game, you will have various free games of different intensity where many players encounter the same stage. Besides, it makes available a sophisticated tool to build your own games free of charge.

As children are playing it, they can alter the ways of playing it for having fun on their own way and style which is a key characteristic of this game that attracts millions of people every day. The same is true about some adults that enter the game as participants.

All the content of these worlds has been created by other young ones or adults who are amateur players. Some of them are, Work in a Pizza, Disaster Survival, Shark Attack o Place Prison Escape which taste your ability to socialize and compete with creativity.

In each one of Roblox games, you will find a varied offer of different challenges and categories that you will enjoy. You will find fighting games, mystery, sports, and shooters events as well as terror games, with participants’ murders or bloody scenes.

One of the games that exemplify this is Hotline in which the participants have to hurt themselves with weapons in their bodies (knives or guns), before hitting their heads so that the opponent dies with bloodbaths.

What can some parents do with Roblox content?

Some people think that computer slaughters are nothing more than harmless fantasy; but, many parents are as concerned as you do with the fact that their children expose themselves to this kind of violent or aggressive content.
Other subjects that parents are worried about are:

  • Constant advertising shaping children’s mind.
  • Incessant pressure to purchase Robux.
  • Some participants’ abusive behavior.
  • Forums, where an obscene and violent language is used and implied sexual pointing.

It is important to know that the creators of this game offer to maintain updated security measures for making the settings needed in real-time to ensure that this kind of content is not exposed to younger than 13 years of age.

However, the one who can provide the best protection to your children is you. Therefore, later on, I will show you how to set up the account in Roblox for restricting some games and participants.

Purchasing methods in Roblox game

To play Roblox online game as a free platform for entertaining adults and kids was the main purpose of its creators, but there are many amateur developers who earn money through sale their virtual worlds which are done with real commercial operations.
For doing so, you need to use a virtual coin that is called Robux in order to acquire the resources and skills that you desire for moving forward and building the worlds you imagine.
Among other things, you can acquire special clothing or animations, weapons and other objects.
In order to buy Robux, you have to sing in to your account; that is the first step. Now, you can follow this steps:

1- Click on Robux top tab button where you will see a menu to buy a quantity of virtual coins or subscribe to some plans.
2- Choose what you want to do: a single payment or subscribe. If you choose to make a single payment, you will simply acquire the quantity of Robux indicated there in exchange for paying the real amount of money you are requested.
3- If you choose to subscribe, you will pay a fixed amount of real money every month in exchange for more Robux than those you are offered by making a single payment.
4- For that, you will be assigned a membership card that you will use to make your payments when acquiring the product you desire.
5- Next, the following step is to choose the purchasing method.
6- Choose the purchase method you prefer: credit or debit card, PayPal, Roblox card or Sofort. The same applies if you make your payment through any other mobile device or tablet.
7- Immediately, you will see the Robux you have just purchased charged in your account.

Some parents are concerned about the fact that in Roblox, as other online games, the commercialization of products is promoted very easily. And, since children are very malleable, and they are not mature enough for the managing money, they may make enormous expenditures of real fortune.

It is imperative for parents to talk to their children clearly about these affairs as well as take practical protection measures in their family funds by creating security keys that protect their payment instruments of unexpected transactions.

Steps to be aware with your children in Roblox game

Because of its great popularity and fascinating function of changing the way of playing each one of Roblox minigames in real time, many children, young ones and adults are hooked on this so funny digital entertainment.
Regarding to activate the preventive measures of the account restriction, I will show you the steps you have to follow to control your children while playing Roblox:

1- Enter and sing in the accounts your children use.
2- In your PC, look for the set up menu on the right side of the screen. There, you will see 3 icons; click on the gear icon.
In mobile devices, the menu is called More and it is located in the lower-right, in the shape of 3 dots listed vertically.
3- Next, select security.
4- Go to the security tab and create your account pin. Confirm again your 4 digits pin.
5- Authorize your account restriction by sliding on the green button at the right. You will see a message saying account restrictions enabled.

Other effective measures

Which measures can you adopt to control your children in Roblox game? Some of the most effective are:

• Agree, en famille, a clear game schedule.

• Educate your children about the right use of online games, care and risks. Train them to defend themselves.

• Have an open space in which you can have the Roblox content within reach while they are playing it.

• Use the game control panel to set interaction features that your children can settle to third parties: no one, friends or any follower. This includes games, messages and chats.

• Add a parental 4 digits pin to establish what kind of games they can use for having fun and for protecting your personal information: e-mail address, telephone number, password, etc.

• Make sure that the registered age of your kid is the correct one. This tool, in itself, will provides you with some protection measures for younger than 13 years of age.

This created account pin will be crucial to activate any other adjustment that the player of that account wants to make. That is way this function promotes the open communication between parents and children in order to know and accept new games or participants.

If maybe your kid wants to enter any restricted game or by mistake he selects that game, he immediately will see a message on the screen indicating the game is not available thanks to the restrictions enabled in your account settings.