Get Robux for free legally: Builders Club Membership

If you are an enthusiast of games that mix adventure, action and teamwork, then Roblox is the ideal title for you, since, in it you will find a great variety of games available, with dynamics that will keep you hooked from beginning to end, in which, you will have the opportunity to acquire different materials and equipment that will help you move through the different scenarios and levels that make up it.

It is worth mentioning that, for this purpose, there is a transaction currency used in Roblox, known as Robux, which will allow you to access materials, equipment and clothing to supply your character.

However, obtaining a large amount of them can be a slow process through the conventional way, but here you will know how to get Robux for free legally to increase your income in this currency within the game.

How to get free Robux legally with the Builders Club Membership?

The Builders Club is a community in which any Roblox player can register to get free Robux, as well as other benefits.
One of the particularities of the Builders Club is that, at the time of subscription, you must choose between the modalities offered by the platform to obtain a membership, thereby determining your status as a member, for which, you must pay a fee set by the Builders Club to join its community.

This is probably where you’re thinking. What’s the point of paying a membership to get Robux for free? Well, the truth is that by carrying out this action you will be obtaining many benefits, as well as the privilege of exercising functions not allowed to players who are not inside the club, which will lead you to obtain Robux for free.

One of these benefits and the main one, which you will get as a member of the Builders Club, is to receive free Robux daily in the amount corresponding to the type of membership you have acquired.

In this sense, according to the profiles offered by the Builders Club to become a member, these are the Robux that offer each one daily for free:

  • Classic: 15 Robux
  • Turbo: 35 Robux
  • Outrageous: 60 Robux

In relation to the cost of each Builders Club profile, the payment of this must be made monthly once you have acquired it, where the Classic has a cost of $5.95, the Turbo a cost of $11.95 and the Outrageous a cost of $19.95, also mentioning that at the time of obtaining membership for the first time, you will be receiving 100 Robux free as a welcome gesture.

Along with this, Roblox, offers the members of the Builders Club, the opportunity to acquire a Starter Kit for which they must bid to access it where, by acquiring the Super Value Kit that has a cost of $49.95, you will be getting a bonus of 1500 Robux for free.

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