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Gamehag: a fantasy website for gamers

If you are a video game fan, you are gonna love this. Imagine you could win free Robux just by playing games and accomplishing missions into them. Wouldn’t it be nice?

Well, that’s exactly what you can do in Gamehag. This themed website recreates a particular fantasy universe controlled by hags/witches and is very well produced. Here every option you have is presented like in an RPG game, so it is constantly pushing you to level up

Do you want to know more? Keep reading.

What is Gamehag about?

Gamehag is a web portal where you can register for free. Once you do that, your user is treated as a novice magician and you have a global mission which is to get as many soul gems as you can.

What are the soul gems?

Well, in Gamehag there’s a long story about witches and magic powers that drives everything (you better go there to read the full explanation). So your mission is to get those gems regularly and evolve your user. When you have many soul gems, you’ll be able to exchange them for many prizes. 

You start as a ‘muggle’ at level 1, and you need to get your gems at least once a week. And what happens if you don’t do it? Oh, if you can’t accomplish any mission in one week, your ‘magic shield’ will vanish and you will turn into a frog. So you’ll lose some abilities to get gems daily and other ‘powers’.

Yeah, seriously.

But it’s not the witches’ fault. It’s all about a ‘curse’. So now you know that you need the soul gems to maintain your profile alive.

And it can get worse. If you don’t get any gem in a month, you’ll evolve from a frog to a toad, and your powers will be even shorter. Every week you’ll lose 50 gems to keep you alive.

How do you get soul gems on Gamehag? 

Your main way to get soul gems is to play free video games. But they are not simple, anonymous games made just for you to lose time. Do you know Final Fantasy XIV, War Thunder, World of Warships…? Those are the quality games you have to play. And many more.

In each of those video games you’ll need to accomplish a mission: reach a certain level, get some points, clear some phases… and by doing that, Gamehag will reward you with soul gems, experience points for your avatar, and sometimes you’ll get some extra bonuses too. 

But that’s not the only way. There are many other methods to earn soul gems:

  • Chests: This is a section of the Gamehag interface where you can get regular prizes daily, weekly, and monthly. You only need to meet some little requirements. In addition to that, there is a large collection of chests that you can buy with soul gems. Every chest is different and there are 12 different possible rewards. They can be more gems, Robux, Steam keys, etc.
  • Giveaways: From time to time, Gamehag organizes raffles with gifts for its users, which very often include soul gems and game keys.
  • Being part of the community: You can get more gems by writing articles, news about games, and posting messages on game forums.

  • Increasing your position in the ranking and leveling up: Gamehag has a ranking of users where the best collectors of gems can get even more of them. Also, by gaining experience points and leveling up your avatar you’ll get more rewards.

How to get FREE Robux with Gamehag?

This is very easy. All you have to do is going to the rewards section and there you’ll find out all the prizes you can get by redeeming your soul gems.

The first item of all is, precisely, the one for Robux. Apart from that, you can get random Steam Keys, money for your Steam Wallet, Twitch Gift Cards, a prepaid Mastercard, virtual money for other games, and many more.

In the case of Robux, you can make an exchange of 32 soul gems for 1 R$. But that’s not a great financial operation.

If you collect higher amounts of gems, you’ll get your Robux significantly cheaper. So, for example, you can get 100 Robux for 1200 gems (12 gems each) or 1,000 R$ for 9,600 gems (9,6 gems each). If you wait and collect a lot of gems, you’ll get better results winning Robux.

What are the best and worst parts of Gamehag?

Good elements:

  • Gamehag it’s a user-friendly and well-designed website.
  • The fantasy aura that involves everything is really engaging.
  • It’s really easy and fun to win your soul gems.
  • In consequence, you can get a lot of Robux just by playing games and participating in the community of Gamehag.
  • There are a lot of items you can buy and trade with, and lots of rewards.
  • Gamehag it’s like a social video game itself: very fun!
  • It has a good interface that is driven by gamification. 

Bad elements:

  • Some missions have almost impossible objectives, so choose well your missions.
  • You’ll be forced to keep participating often in missions or you’ll lose ‘magic powers’ and even your soul gems.

Conclusions about Gamehag 

Gamehag is, probably, our favorite way to get free Robux. You don’t need to fill out long surveys, try strange apps or watch tons of video ads. The website is very easy to use, all the info you need is always accessible, and is full of options to win more and more rewards. If you love video games and you are a Steam user, you’ll love Gamehag.

Many people use this platform to get virtual coins for their games (like Roblox, Crossout, Fortnite, League of Legends, Hearthstone…) or even to get activation keys. Gamehag is very well integrated with the Steam platform and you could buy lots of games if you maintain your activity. All you need to do is to play modern, good-quality free online games.

Absolutely recommended.

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