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Free Robux Scooter Ride: win Robux playing as a street rider

There are not a lot of better ways to win free Robux than playing a video game on your mobile, having fun, and then gather some points to exchange for virtual money for Roblox.

Free Robux Scooter Ride is a game made for Android with well-crafted 3D graphics where you’ll enjoy earning coins while riding your scooter through the city. Let’s see what are its features.

What is Free Robux Scooter Ride about?

This is, definitely, one of the funniest games that you can find to get Robux for free. You play as a scooter rider and all you have to do is go through a straight street collecting coins and keys and arriving safely to the final goal. Every level is very short (but not easy) and lasts about 30/60 seconds to complete, so the rhythm is pretty fast.


 The problem is that in the street you’ll find a lot of obstacles: cars and ambulances driving, crashed vehicles, crossing traffic, trees, streetlights, tires, security fences, and many more.

That being said, I can tell you that your avatar will die in his mission lots of times, but the levels are so short and nice that you’ll want to repeat and repeat again.

Controlling the action

The controls for your character are very simple. Free Robux Scooter Ride is a game that you need to play in portrait screen mode only, so the with of vision is not very wide, which implies that you’ll have difficulties controlling crossing traffic. That’s part of the fun of the game

You start the levels just tapping the screen, and you can move the character on the scooter sliding left and right. The other control action available that you’ll need to use very often is the brake. It is activated just by sliding to the bottom of your screen. You’ll have to be very careful with your movements to avoid all the obstacles while picking up the coins and keys.

The coins are the items you can exchange for Robux, but you’ll need a lot of them, and there are also lots of ways to spend them on the game: you can buy new skins (new riders and scooters) and new tricks to do in the air when you jump through a ramp.

The keys are special and rare tokens that you can find sometimes in the levels. Usually, there’s one key on every level. Once you get three of them, you will arrive at a bonus screen with nine chests and you’ll be able to open three of them with some prizes inside.

Oh, and finally there are also bonus levels, where all the traffic and all kind of obstacles disappear. Just you, your scooter, and hundreds of coins are left. It’s impossible to catch them all, but try to pick up as much as you can!

What are the best and worst parts of Free Robux Scooter Ride?

Good elements:

  • 3D graphics are simple but colorful and fun.
  • Pleasant music and sounds. There are not lots of them, but they partner very well with the action.
  • There are more than 500 levels and you can ride in the morning, afternoon, and night.
  • Levels are always in a straight street, but the obstacles and ramps make it very challenging and not boring.
  • You can buy new characters and animations with coins.
  • Did you forget it? You can buy Robux with the coins! 

Bad elements: 

  • As with other games like this one, there are a lot of video ads you’ll have to watch to continue playing. The good news is that you can use it to resurrect when you die or better your bonuses.
  • Although the game makes its best to be enjoyable, after a lot of levels it could be a little repetitive.
  • This game is not available in the Google Play Store and there is no version for iOS. 

Conclusions about Free Robux Scooter Ride

Without a doubt, this video game app is a great option for fast entertainment while getting a reward in the form of Robux, and I’m sure you’ll spend many hours of your free time trying to go down the street with your scooter and doing tricks here and there at every occasion.

Free Robux Scooter Ride is made by the developer Leprica Game, the same author (or authors) of Free Robux Merge and Drift, another good video game that you should try if you want to get free Robux.

The bad news, in this case, is that this app is not available in Google Play Store, so you should download the .APK file (the last version at the moment of writing is 0.9.4) from alternate websites, like this one.

Hundreds of thousands of people have already downloaded and tried it, and there are no bad comments, so you can be pretty sure it’s a safe app.

Have fun!