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Free Robux Merge and Drift: drive through crazy circuits and get your Robux!

Have you ever imagined yourself going across impossible roads, driving all kinds of vehicles, and winning Robux at the same time? Well, you can! 

Welcome to Free Robux Merge and Drift, a game where its name already tells you what is exactly its main purpose. But I would add that it’s much more than that: it’s a great fantasy driving video game. Let’s analyze it.

What is Free Robux Merge and Drift about? 

Free Robux Merge and Drift is a weird game where you have to drive your car through strange circuits that are only made of straight sections, with ramps, trampolines, and different classes of obstacles, while you collect the maximum of coins and gems that you can. Besides that, the road is elevated from the ground, so the big challenge here is not to fall out.

The other of the main features of Free Robux Merge and Drift is you have tons of options to enhance your vehicles and level up. You start with a simple yellow cab and as you go earning coins and gems, you’ll be able to buy new cars and slots to park them.

And why do you need to park them?

Well, here is another big particularity of the game. When you have at least two cars (it doesn’t matter if they are the same one) you can merge them and get a new one with a higher level and capabilities, and this is how you progress through the stages.

As you pass through the levels you’ll need to improve your vehicles, get new slots and buy more and more cars to merge them and see what happens. The circuits are really difficult and tricky, so you have to drive the best car you can build. Sometimes you’ll see so many options to mix and upgrade that can be very crazy.

Controlling the cars

Free Robux Merge and Drift has an isometric perspective and a special point of view turned 45 degrees. This is also another game that needs to be played on portrait mode.

The controls for driving are extremely simple. You don’t need to accelerate or brake: that is automatic. The car starts its march all alone and, as I said earlier, the sections of the road are all straight, so the only way to cross is to drift.

If you don’t touch anything, your vehicle goes along all straight. To turn to the right you have to tap the screen, and if you need to continue in that direction, you have to hold the finger pressed. Whenever you need to turn to the left, just release the pressing. This particular way of controlling the vehicles is hard to master but is really funny.    

What are the best and worst parts of Free Robux Merge and Drift?

Good elements:

  • Simple 3D graphics but really effective. You’ll have lots of vehicles to go drifting.
  • All the options to customize your vehicles and level up are very addictive.
  • It’s arcade-style of driving. Super easy to handle (but hard to master) so anybody can play for the first time.
  • You can redeem your coin balance to get free Robux!

Bad elements:

  • As you go passing levels, it can get very difficult.
  • This game is not on the Google Play Store and there’s no iOS version either.

Conclusions about Free Robux Merge and Drift

Well, I think this game app has a title that is pretty self-explanatory of what you can do and what you can get. It’s all about drifting in insane circuits and getting new vehicles by merging them. And also, of course, you can get Robux by playing it. What else do you need?  

Free Robux Merge and Drift is made by the developer Leprica Game, who also made Free Robux Scooter Ride, another good video game that you should try if you want to get free Robux.

Unfortunately, this app is not available in Google Play Store yet, so if you wanna play, you’ll need to download the .APK file (the last version at the moment of writing is 0.3.5) from other Android apps websites, like this one.

Free Robux Merge and Drift has been played for more than 100,000 people, and there are no bad comments about scams, so you can trust them.

Happy driftin’.