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Free Robux Loto 3D Pro: a day at the casino to get Robux

If you take a walk by the Google App Store and look for casino apps, you’ll discover hundreds of them (maybe thousands), a complete galaxy of gambling companies that want you to lose all your money. Remember: the house always wins.

Not you. Them.

But… what if I tell you there’s a casino app free where you can’t spend a penny even if you want to, and where you could get Robux without paying with real money? So, things change.

What is Free Robux Loto 3D Pro about? 

This game works exactly like a mini-casino. On the main menu, you have four options: Daily lottery, Slot-machine, Fast lotteries, and More Rublins. And now you must be wondering what those Rublins are.

Here Rublins are the points you can collect in the game and later convert into Robux. They are shown with the aspect of rubies. The more you can win, the more Robux you will get.

Let’s see what we got on every section:

Daily lottery

This mini-game is just that: a lottery. No secrets here. You can fill in up to 5 tickets with six selected numbers each to participate in the raffle. What’s the prize? Nobody knows, as there’s no indication about that, but it should be a big amount of Rublins.

I can tell you that I won 20 Rublins one time, but the game doesn’t tell you which ticket won or which were the winning numbers. It didn’t tell me how many numbers I got right either. This is very discouraging.

Every time you want to fill a ticket, you’ll have to watch two ads first. As options, you can save your favorite numbers, play with them or use a random selection. Also, you can see previous raffle results, which I think is pretty useless, but anyway, there it is.


No need for explanations here neither. It’s simple: You have a slot machine and you need to spend one Rublin every time to make it a spin. The reward depends on what figures are shown three in a row.
You have to be careful. The slot machine can make your Rublins balance ruin to zero. Yes, it will give you some prizes from time to time, but in the long run, you’ll lose

Fast Lotteries

This is a collection of four different micro-games where you can get your first Roblins with ease to play slot-machine or simply collect and exchange. You can play them (watching ads previously) a few times every hour. If you run out of plays, you’ll have to wait. These are your games available:

  • Chests: Very simple. You’ll see three of them and you have to select just one. There’s a different prize in every chest.
  • Compass of Luck: This very similar to what we found on Robux Spin Wheel  but better. It’s like a Wheel of Fortune but not 100% because it’s a compass and the needle points where the game wants to. Also, there are 6 different sections in the compass with different numbers of Roblins each, and with every play, those numbers change. 
  • Pull a ticket: This is a little stupid. In fact, there’s no game at all. There’s a ticket and it will turn towards you showing your little prize. Zero choices, zero emotion.
  • Rublins combs: Here you’ll find something like a honeycomb with 7 closed sections. You need to discover them one by one until you’ll meet 3 repeated numbers. When you got them, that’s the amount of your prize.

More Rublins

This section leads you to a menu where you can win lots of Rublins just by downloading apps and games and doing certain tasks on them. It’s like the AppKarma app, which we already reviewed.

You can get up to 65,000 Rublins just with one task and there are many to choose from. This is the highest paying section of FreeRobux Loto 3D Pro.

Finally, when you got your balance full of Rublins, you can redeem them into Robux in a special area that you can find at the bottom of the main menu. There, you will be taken to the website where the exchange operation really happens. You can convert 100 Rublins into 1 Robux (R$). Not bad.

What are the best and worst parts of Free Robux Loto 3D Pro

Good elements:

  • Is a trustworthy game app and that’s a crucial point.
  • You have many mini-games to try and get Rublins.
  • All of the games give results. You can win easily on every one of them.
  • 3D Graphics are not very astounding, but they do their work well.
  • You can go to the section called More Rublins and win thousands of Rublins trying games and applications.
  • If you use all the options you have in this game, you can win a lot of Robux for free.

Bad elements: 

  • The game has too many ads. We understand the developers, and it’s logical to include ads to monetize the app, but two ads per action (60 seconds of waiting) are too much.
  • Some mini-games are extremely simple. Some are not even games at all.
  • Although it’s a totally free app, there’s a risk of addiction to gambling games, and that’s not good. It’s should be played by responsible adults only.

Conclusions about Free Robux Loto 3D Pro

Free Robux Loto 3D Pro is a game that delivers what it promises… and that’s not very usual (but it should be). It has not a very deep action,  but it’s it will keep you enough entertained ‘till you get your beloved Robux.

You’ll pay them with your spare time watching many advertisings and doing some tasks. For sure, there are better options in life to invest your time, but if you want Robux and you can’t use real money, this is one of your best games that will help you to reach them.

Free Robux Loto 3D Pro is only available for Android users. You can download it from the official Google App Store.

Good luck with your spins.