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Free Robux Color Ball Blast Game: destroy colorful balls and aliens with your cannon and win Robux

If you ever wondered how could you get free Robux without spending money or doing boring tasks like you have to do in other apps, you’ve arrived at the right place.

With Free Robux Color Ball Blast Game (what a large name!) you can win your free Robux just playing at your home, on public transport, or in a waiting room while having a nice time.

What is Free Robux Color Ball Blast Game about? 

It’s super easy! You control a roller cannon that stands at the bottom of the screen (you can play only in portrait mode). From the first second, an undefined number of polygonal balls appear from every side of the screen bouncing around you.

Each one of these colorful balls keeps a number inside. That number is like his life indicator. All you have to do here is to shoot and destroy them. Every time you hit one of the balls its number decreases, and progressively its size and color too until the number arrives at zero, and then it explodes and a coin of Robux is liberated.

The value of the coins that the balls drop can be 1, 2,  5, 10, or even more Robux. It depends on the level that you are. The shooting is automatic, so your only worry is to move to the left and right sliding with your finger avoiding the bouncing balls, and getting the Robux coins.

At every level, you can spend some amount of coins (Robux) to improve the speed of your cannon and the power of your shooting. You can also buy new cannons with much better weapons, and I think is not an option… it’s a must if you want to survive to the hardest levels. But be careful, because, if you spend a lot, you’ll empty your balance! 

What are the best and worst parts of Free Robux Color Blast Game?

Good elements: 

  • You really can get free Robux! It’s not a scam game like many others.
  • The game is really simple, funny, and addictive. You won’t be able to stop.
  • It has very good visual arts and sound effects.
  • You’ll fight against final bosses like aliens. This gives the game more variety and engagement.
  • They offer you a lot of bonuses for your Robux: you can multiply every level score, get more by playing every day, and in other situations.
  • Its mechanics are based on the old arcade success: Pang. Don’t worry. Probably you are too young to remember it, but that’s the reason why the game is so enjoyable.

Bad elements: 

  • You are gonna see lots and lots of ads. This can be boring, I understand, but take into consideration that is a free game that gives you free Robux. They need incomes from somewhere.
  • Once you get past the first levels, the difficulty gets really challenging.
  • It’s a good game but it’s a clone of many other similar games on Android (but you cannot get Robux on them).
  • They force you to leave a 5-star rating on Google Play Store and even write a 500-character review to be able to exchange your Robux. That’s not a fair policy, because it’s a fraud of the opinions.

Conclusions about Free Robux Color Blast Game 

This game is a good and entertaining opportunity to get free Robux while you play. All you have to do is to shoot to the balls, collect the coins, save them, and then exchange them.

Is well-produced, fast, and dynamic, but maybe, in the long run, you’ll get bored of watching so many advertisings, but I think it is worth the time spent on it (shame the issues about the rating and the false reviews).

This game is only available for Android devices, and we recommend you to download it only from the official Google Play Store.