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Fix Roblox error code 267

As a regular Roblox user you have probably at some point experienced an unexplained and sudden kick out of the game, a strange situation that can make you think of it as something out of the ordinary, but, the truth is, this is caused by Roblox error 267 that occurs more often than you think.

Many users have reported being victims of this error. However, before we go into the solution to this problem, it is necessary that you are aware of the meaning of this error and what are the bugs that can cause it to appear.

What is Roblox error code 267?

This error code is used to designate a bug that causes an on-screen message to appear telling the user that he has been kicked out of the game or that he cannot continue to participate in the game.

This error occurs when the user is using administration commands in the game, generating an alternation within the game when changing the code scripts, resulting in the appearance of this error.

In other words, the game perceives this action as illegal by associating it with a hacking or intrusion attempt.

Although this is the main reason for the appearance of Roblox error code 267, there are other situations that can also cause this particular failure, which will condition the message displayed on the screen, such as the following cases:

  • You were kicked out of this game: Self-moderate
  • You were kicked out of this game: Banned from the server

Although both messages are attributed to problems with the Windows firewall, there may be other reasons that trigger their appearance such as failures related to antivirus, network connection or corrupted game data.

Causes of Roblox error code 267

Among the causes that can cause Roblox code 267 to appear are:

Windows Firewall

If you are using Roblox over a low-bandwidth network connection or over an intermittent wireless connection, these conditions will lead to firewall problems.

Bad network connection

In case your network connection is performing intermittently or slowly, this will cause a delay in the loading of Roblox game, causing your entry attempt not to be taken and consequently you will be kicked out of the game.

Blank Game

If the Roblox game you have accessed does not show any content inside, this will automatically cause error 267 to appear.

The reason for this can be attributed to the fact that the game is still under development and therefore no related information can be found.

How to solve the Roblox 267 error code?

Having explained the different causes of Roblox’s error code 267, it is now time to give you some alternatives with which to deal with this situation.

Use a compatible browser

It is no secret that many of the games developed today run on platforms that are constantly being updated, which could be affected if you are using a web browser that does not support or is not updated to meet the game’s specifications, causing Roblox code error 267 to appear.

If so, it is recommended that you take your web browser to its latest update version, after which you will start the game and check if Roblox error 267 is no longer present.

Reset Internet options

Resetting the Internet options can be an effective measure against Roblox error code 267.

To do this, open the web browser and click on the Configuration option in the main menu. Once inside, click on Advanced configuration and then on the option Recover settings and delete. There, two options will be displayed, from which you must select those corresponding to Restore original configuration default values.

Once this is done, try to start the game again to check that the error has disappeared.

Check the network connection

It is likely that when Roblox code error 267 appears, you have noticed the word Disconnected in the message, which means that there is a problem with the network attributed to low power in the connection.

If this is the case, you will have to restart the network, disconnecting and reconnecting the Wi-Fi or simply turning off the router for a few minutes and then turning it on and connecting it to the system.

After doing this, try to start the game and check if the error appears again. In addition to this, another measure you can apply is to use a LAN connection in order to detect whether the network connection is the source of the problem. If it works, then the Wi-Fi connection would be the source of the failure.

Reset the browser security settings

Many users have consistently attributed to the Insecure Content option present within the security settings of the browser the responsibility for making Roblox games unplayable.

To check if this option is causing the problem, you need to go to the Google Chrome Browser Settings section and then click Advanced.

Once there you should click on Site Settings and check if there the Roblox site is linked to the Insecure Content option as a measure to restrict its access. If it is, unlink it from this option, save the changes and try to start the game again to verify that it can run normally.

Disable ad blockers

In case you have installed an ad-blocker extension in the Google Chrome web browser, you must be aware that it may affect the loading of the Roblox game you are trying to access, making it impossible to load, in which case it must be deactivated.

To do this, you must enter the Settings section of the Google Chrome browser and click on the Extensions option.

Then you must find the extension corresponding to the ad blocker and click on the Remove or slide the switch to disable the extension.

After doing this, try to load the game again to make sure it runs normally.

It should be noted that the effectiveness of all these alternatives for solving Roblox code error 267 described here may be different for each case so be sure to try each option if necessary.