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Find out how to go through walls in Roblox

Going through walls in Roblox is a very wanted trick in the community of gamers in Roblox. That is because by doing this, you can save yourself from many awkward and dangerous situations in the game.

Additionally, as you can see this trick can help you win a game and get ahead of other players. Now, you should know that every trick has its secrets. However, do not worry we are here to tell you.

So, here you are going to learn where the tricks are originated, so with the purpose to help you go through walls without any troubles we will guide you. These tricks are related with two words, bug and glitch.

What is a bug and a glitch in Roblox?

The words bug and glitch are very known in the world of software and programming. Above all, these words are well known in videogames in which they are frequently used and some players are experts using them.

In the meantime, some others do not know what these two terms mean yet or it could be that they are just entering the gamer world and they want to know more about it. That is why, now, we will tell you about their meaning.

Let us start by knowing what a bug is. In English, this word makes reference to an insect. But in the computers and programming world, a bug is a flaw in a videogame or any other software.

This failure perturbs the performance of the software in which it shows up, in this case, the videogame. The failure is so noticeable and it can cause you to lose the game you are playing at that moment and you cannot keep playing.

In spite of that, you can take a lot of advantage of such a failure if you know how to use it well. That means that you must generate the flaw in the videogame deliberately. You will block the game so to speak.

Doing this can help you to win your opponent avoiding the limitations that can become an obstacle like a wall or any other obstacle.

The other term that you must be interested in knowing is “glitch”. A glitch is a failure too, an error that it is produced in the programming of the videogame. Fortunately, this error does not affect you badly because it does not limit your sharing in the game.

When it comes to a glitch the videogame remains stable. This can give you an advantage to win extra money, items or any other important stuff if you repeat the glitch many times.

Due to what was mentioned before, you can see that there are advantages by using this unforeseen feature that can appear at any moment or you can even make it to happen using little Roblox tricks. Next, we are going to show you some of these tricks.

The best tricks to go through walls in Roblox

There are many tricks you can use to be able to go through walls in Roblox. In this section, we will mention some of the tricks you can apply, for example if you are amid a persecution. But you can also apply the trick in any other situation you find yourself.

In order to execute some of the Roblox tricks you can use a bug or a glitch, you must follow the next steps:

  • Enter in that is the only official page of Roblox. This is the first step.
  • Sign in your Roblox account.
  • Being already in your account, enter the section featured complements in Roblox.
  • Once there, you will see several options to the left of your screen; there you are going to click on the option body parts.
  • At this moment, you must go to packs, there you will see a lot of clothing options available for your avatar.
  • Among the clothing options, you will find a suit that is called Knights of Redcliff: Paladin. That is the one you must choose to start your game.
  • To start the game you must go to the weapons section or criminal base. There you must choose a shotgun and just in case choose a gun as a b option. But it will work with the shotgun.
  • Now, get a car and get munitions for your weapons, the shotgun and the gun you already chose.
  • Since you are going to need a lot of money, you must rob the jewelry shop that is the next step.
  • Now you are going to activate the bug or glitch.
  • Get close to the ramp in front of a wall with the suit you are wearing and the gun, that is the ideal for this trick, now, it´s time to look up, then take out the shotgun and keep it. Repeat this over and over again.
  • After doing that many times, you will be able to go through the wall and you will get rid of the police or anyone else that cashing after you for robing the jewelry.

In that way you will be able to escape and take the money.

To apply this trick in different circumstances you must use your imagination. This is only an example of how you can use it.

If it does not work at the first attempt do not be mad just keep trying. With some practice, it will come out faster and better. Nothing will limit you for escaping of any danger while you have a wall in front of you.

With this trick, you will be able to go through walls without major difficulties and without using hacks that destroy the game. You will be able to defeat other players as your opponents. So let’s have fun!