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Errors in Roblox, what can you do?

Have you had several Roblox errors? Has it ever happened that when you were having so much fun, the page failed? Take it easy gamer, you are not the only one feeling in that way; many players have faced it too.
Being a reality the appearance of obstacles in the development of the game, here we let you know how to solve any problem, what to do, what not to do when facing it. All activities in Roblox are about patience and even mistakes.
Then, do not worry since errors in Roblox are very easy to solve. And, they do not pose any additional challenge for the novel player.

In the following lines, we will tell you what you can do for the solution of Roblox errors; also what are the most common Roblox errors; besides, the relationship between Roblox and server.

What can you do if an error occurs

Even the most important web pages of a nation such as those of police intelligence of each jurisdiction are not exempt from errors that may occur in their page interface.

Given that Roblox is a very large games platform, it is normal that occasionally errors occur which do not allow you to keep on playing and loose the battle or challenge you are doing.

To begin with, you should understand in which moment within the game the error is presented as well as the signals that will allow you to detect them so that you can find the appropriate solution.

Signals of Roblox errors

  • Error message and its code

One of the most common signals that you are having an error is the message with its code sent by the game itself letting you know about it.

  • Slowness of functioning

You should also be aware when the game gets slower than usual at the moment of loading or if it simply does not.

  • You cannot play

If you can enter the game but you are not allowed to initiate it, that also means you are having an error.

  • The game stops

The game is cancelled unexpectedly without your previous permission; that is definitely other error.

Solutions to errors in Roblox

In the case that the game sends you a message with the code error, you have to check the list of errors offered by our page and follow the steps for the solution.

If this is about other Roblox errors, it is probable that it has to do with the bad internet connection. Thus, you need to check if it is stable. For that reason, you will have to reinitiate the router; if it does not work, then, reinitiate the PC or check if the antivirus is not blocking Roblox

Common errors when playing Roblox

Error 6

This is the most common error and the one that leads the list of them; it is originated by a bad or unstable internet connection since it is down. In the case that after checking there are not connection problems, it means that your antivirus blocked Roblox.

The solution consists on checking your internet connection whether in your computer or your mobile. If the antivirus blocked Roblox, you have to go to the antivirus menu options and select the section “Allow unknown applications” and that is it; the error will be no longer a problem to continue your game.

  • Error 142

May be You are trying to connect a server which is not available. To eliminate this error you need to try to connect to other server.

  • Error 148

Roblox page asks you for an application update compulsorily; you have to do it to keep on playing. Update each time you are required to avoid obstacles in ring games.

  • Errors 256 y 274

The server is down or it was banned. If this is about banning, you have to remove it. But, if it has to do with the server, you can do no more than play another game.

  • Errors 260 y 261

The server presents connection problems or the internet signal is unstable or it does not exist. To solve this, first, you have to check if your internet connection is failing; if it does not have problems, then it is the server itself, faced with this error you can do nothing.

  • Error 262

It is presented when you try to connect to a server. It is most likely that your internet connection is bad. Proceed to verify it and wait for a while, enter the game again and that is all.

  • Error 264

The game is opened in two different devices with the same Roblox account. If you want to keep on playing, you have to log out the account in one of the two devices.

  • Error 267

You were gotten out of the ring game or there was no time for the world to be loaded because you shifted too fast. Be patient and wait for a while and enter the game again.

  • Error 268

You are gotten out of the server and linked to another one without your consent. It may be due to an exploit (or a third party program); it perhaps sneaked into a program or application recently installed. To solve this error, the best is to uninstall illegal programs and applications to continue playing.

  • Error 271

This error appears when only you are in the ring game. Although it may also occurs with no reason. Do not worry, you just have to leave the game and enter again to keep on playing.

  • Error 272

When an illegal program or exploit is detected, you solve it by closing the unauthorized program and continue plying.

  •  Error 273

This error is presented when you are banned or you receive a warning, your internet connection is failing or if you try to play from a different device.

If the case is about banning, you remove it; if it has to do with a warning, you should watch that your behavior is appropriate; and faced with a bad connection, you just have to check it out. With regard to the game in two devices simultaneously, you have to exit the game in one of them.

  • Error 274

The server is inactive by the moment. Wait a few hours to enter the game again.

  • Error 275

The server is in a maintenance period. It is just about waiting a few hours and entering again to continue playing.

  • Error 278

As you did not activate during 20 minutes, you were deleted from the server. It is not a problem; exit and enter again.

  • Error 517

It is presented when uninstalling the game while it is open, the server is down or you try to reconnect to a server from which you were disconnected. In any case, install the game again from the server that is active.

  • Error 523

The server is out of service. You should consider looking for another game option meanwhile it is out of order; the solution is out of your hands.

  • Error 524

The Roblox game is down or you are trying to play an unauthorized VIP game. For this error, it is not a solution for now.

  • Error 529

The Roblox platform presents technical problems; you have to wait for them to resolve it since it is not in the solution list of possible errors, so it is out of your hands.

  • Error 589

You were disconnected of the ring game accidentally; there in no problem in trying to connect again.

Common errors on the Roblox web

If you are asking how to solve Roblox errors on the game’s official page is certainly because when the dynamic was most interesting, the connection failed or you could not enter. Let us see the most common errors:

  • Error 504

This error will appear when the page is on maintenance. It is not much what can be done, just waiting for the Roblox developers to finish their duty.

The same code may appear when the internet is down or it is very slow. It mostly occurs in countries where the internet speed is not so good.

  • Error 500

This warning will appear when there is a fail on the Roblox server. Do not press any key, you just have to wait.

  • Error 404

In some countries with an authoritarian regime, certain pages are blocked, and this code can appear if Roblox fits in that square.

  • Error 403

When you want to access not allowed places by the game, this code will appear.

  • Error 400

This code will appear when writing the name wrongly. Check again if the address is the right one.


When several gamers open the same page at the same time may appear this error. Press the load button again and wait. It should be enough.

In addition, you can delete the browser cookies and enter in an unknown way.

Many of Roblox errors are avoided by using always the same browser and reinitiating the computer.

Roblox and the server, how are they related?

The application of implementation able to respond a user’s requests is what we know as a server. Having this in mind, the Roblox server is the one that response when you interact in the game interface.

From this derives that any server problem will stop you to enjoy of Roblox.

Roblox and hackers

Hackers have incidence on online games and Roblox is nor the exception. Have this in mind when emerging windows appear in the middle of the game. Be careful!