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13 Easy Ways To Win FREE Robux in Roblox

Without a doubt, Roblox is one of the most popular video games we can find today in the international market. It has more than 150 million active users… (more than Minecraft!) and you are one of them.

I bet you love it, BUT you have a little problem. Don’t you?

Yeah, Roblox is a wonderful free video game, but the coolest things you can get on there are not really free. As you know yet, there are lots of extras that you can buy with Roblox coins, called Robux (R$).

With Robux, you can buy skins, outfits, special skills, and many other items for your avatar into the video game. Also, you can create your own groups, buy premium game accesses, and even publish your own games inside Roblox!

Of course, you can get Robux by buying them with real money (euros, dollars, pounds…), but the good news is I’m gonna tell you how to get Robux for free.

WARNING: there are no automatic Robux generators!

Nope. That thing just doesn’t exist at all.

Be careful. The Internet is full of scams trying to get you into the trap. They are all frauds.

Yes, there are several other zero-cost (and secure) ways to get Robux without money, but if you find any with that claim (automatic, infinite, or free Robux generator), you can be sure they only want to get your personal data or, even worse, to infect your computer or device with a virus.

With that being said, let’s go into the real ones.

Get free Robux with apps

This is probably the easiest method to get Robux, but you must know this will force you to do repetitive tasks to get them, and you’ll need to spend a lot of time working with these apps.

Again, you must be cautious. There are also many apps that are a scam, but you can trust in the next ones which are the best to get free Robux without fear:

  • Google Opinion Rewards: This is an official app from Google and its purpose is to get opinions from people through polls. Fulfilling them, you will get some money balance, that you can exchange on Google Play Store and get your Robux.
  • Cash For Apps: This is an app that suggests you try new apps. Every time you install a recommended application, you get some points. If you gather them, at a certain moment you’ll be able to gain a cash card with real money. With around 3,000 points you’ll get 1,000 Robux approx.
  • AppKarma: This is like a remix of the previous two. You’ll have to answer polls and also try new apps on your device. By doing that, you’ll get Karma Points, and when you reach 9,500 of them, you could get a Rixty Card and buy 1,000 Robux with your balance.

Win free Robux playing mobile video games

Yes, these are also apps, but with them getting Robux is much funnier! These are the best we recommend to you:

  • Robux Spin Wheel: This got very famous last year. It’s a Wheel of Fortune-like game. You just have to spin and spin to get some prizes that you’ll be able to exchange into Roblox. To unlock this option, the game will ask you first to rate it with five stars in Google Play Store and write an opinion of at least 500 characters (this is not fair, but anyway…)

  • Free Robux Loto 3D Pro: Here you can try many casino games and win some rewards. The objective is to get points and then exchange them for Robux inside the app. It shows some ads while you play but it’s totally free.

  • Robux Color Ball Blast Game: This is really good and getting very popular. Its mechanics are like in the old arcade game Pang, where you shoot balls and get coins. Cool!

  • Free Robux Merge and Drift:   You will love this one if you like cars. You’ll drive your vehicle in weird circuits and passing some tests. Here the points you obtain are diamonds, and exchanging them you’ll get your Robux for free.

  • Free Robux Scooter Ride: This is another game from the creators of the previous game. Here you drive a simple scooter doing some tricks in the city while avoiding to crush. You can win up to 4,500 diamonds per hour which stands for 45 Robux. It all depends on your skills.

The Best Websites to earn FREE Robux online

  • ROCash: This exciting web portal invites you to watch some videos daily and win Robux doing that simple task. Very easy and secure. Try it!
  • Gamehag: One of the most famous websites to win Robux online is this platform where you can play several games and do some tasks like sharing their content on Facebook, verifying your e-mail, writing articles about Gamehag, uploading videos on YouTube talking about this website, participating in the forums and many more. You’ll get Soul Gems that you could swap into Robux.

Other easy ways to get Free Robux 

(Please, note that these require you to have a Robux Premium Account)

This is very useful. In Roblox, you can sell many things to other players and earn some Robux. If you reach 100,000 Robux, you could even exchange them for 350 $ (real money) !! 

If you are really good at creating funny games based on Roblox, you can win a lot of Robux! In fact, many people and teams made a business on it. Do you want to make a living by developing video games? This could be your starting point.

  • Win Roblox Promo Codes:

Sometimes, when playing Roblox, you can win some special codes in special conditions, and then you can exchange them for Robux. To know when you could get Promo Codes in the game, follow and watch over the Roblox Official Twitter account.

And this is all by now. What is your favorite method? Do you know any other free and safe ways to earn free Robux? Please, tell us in the commentaries below.