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Brookhaven (Roblox): FULL Guide

Brookhaven is one of the youngest video games in Roblox, but also one of the most successful in 2021. It is a creation by Wolfpaq, and it was published while the Coronavirus pandemic was on fire, in April 2020. It’s been a revolution in the platform, and that’s why it has received the Best New Game Bloxy Award.

But, what is Brookhaven about?

Well, this is an RPG video game where the starting point is absolute freedom. The scenario is a city where you can choose your house, your vehicle, and many other items while you interact with other players. It is that simple.

The main particularity of Brookhaven is that there is no currency in the game. Everything is open to everyone (well… almost, as we’ll see below) and that’s the first reason why it has become so popular between Roblox players.

We invite you to discover all that you can do in the game!

Brookhaven Tips & Tricks

One thing you should know about Brookhaven is that, yeah, there are no coins that you can earn, but that doesn’t mean that there are not things that you can buy. In fact, there are some special items and additional features that are for sale… but in Robux.

We are sure that you already know Robux, but if you don’t, we can tell you that Robux is the internal coin in Roblox, and, although there are some ways to get them for free (enlace interno), the main way to acquire them is spending real money (dollars, euros, whatever…).

For example, some articles you can buy in Brookhaven with Robux are increased speed, new faces, horses, additional music… The prices are relatively cheap and they start from 30 Robux for the smallest items up to 799 Robux (about 8/9 $) for the complete set of vehicles. It was obvious that the developers had to obtain a reward in some way.

Secret and special places in Brookhaven

If you explore enough the world of Brookhaven chances are that you could discover these strange areas that provide diversity to everyday playing:

  • The Bank Vault:

First of all, you need to find a shop called ‘Cleaners’, just in front of the school. Then, go to the back of the building and you’ll see some stairs that go underground with a sign prohibiting entry.

If you go down, you’ll see a common room with nothing interesting but a dark corridor in one of its corners. It seems that it is a dead-end road, but when you arrive at the end, just go left and magic will happen.

Your avatar will go up climbing through an air duct, and if you move along until the end, you’ll appear at the door of the bank vault. And yes, you can steal it if you want, but you’ll need C4 explosives.

  • The Secret Room:

This is absolutely related to the previous zone. You can find this secret room in the Cleaners shop too. Go downstairs the same way that you did to the bank vault. Now you have to unselect any equipment you were carrying and click (or tap) the lamp.

A hatch will open on the floor, giving access to the secret room. In it, you’ll find safes, some weapons, a big panel with monitors showing images of all the cams in the city, and C4 explosives, just what you needed to open the bank vault.

  • The Treehouse:

To make this secret appear, you’ll need first to build a house in the farm area. By doing it, a hanging treehouse will pop up too. Then, you’ll be able to climb to it and, if you go through the branches of the tree, you’ll reach the rooftop of the barn.

  • The Abandoned House:

 If you spend enough time exploring, maybe you could find a solitary and abandoned house. The question is nobody has discovered anything of real value there, but there are some theories about this mysterious place. Go and see for yourself.

  • The Abandoned Hospital:

This place needs a little trick to appear. First of all, go to the city hospital. Enter the reception area, but just a bit, two steps passing the door. From there you’ll see a little hole in a corner. You can try jumping into it by getting on the desk.

If you do it, you’ll be in a creepy version of the hospital, absolutely wrecked and abandoned. Also, if you take a walk, you could find many secrets like an alien corpse in the morgue. Do you dare to investigate the rest?

What are the best and worst parts of Brookhaven?

Good elements:

  • It’s a clean and fair environment recommended for everyone in the family.
  • You are really free to do whatever you like: there are no limits.
  • The game has received weekly updates since its creation.

Bad elements:

  • The Vehicle Pack is very expensive to buy (we are talking about real money here).
  • There is no currency in the game, so you can not get better at the game. Some kind of players would find this situation a little boring.

Brookhaven Promo Codes

Well, the reality is that there are no promo codes to use in Brookhaven. We are sorry. One of the reasons for that is its recent creation (April 2020), but also the absence of a currency in the game. However, keep watching. Maybe in the near future, this situation could change. 



Nowadays Brookhaven is one of the most popular video games in Roblox, and its community is (at the moment of writing this) one of the Top 3 on the platform.

Brookhaven is an RPG game where you can live your life as you want, building your house, interacting with other players, taking rides with your vehicles, and exploring the land. There are no coins to get or win, and no objectives. Almost everything is free for everyone, but if you are ready to spend a little Robux in Brookhaven, you’ll get some advanced features.

Everybody is having fun in this game, where freedom is the law. Are you going to miss it?