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Bakon (Roblox): FULL Guide

Welcome to a crazy house where you have to run away from a strange creature called Bakon. But who is Bakon? Well, he is a weird killer with a white face and bizarre hair which seems like… bacon. Yeah, I said bacon hair.

Bakon is a video game that belongs to the survival genre. It was created by Pink Beard Games studio in January 2020 and, since then, it has reached high popularity, enhancing similar experiences in Roblox like Piggy

Your main mission is to hide from Bakon, the killer, and you’ll have many items to use while you keep yourself alive. You’ll need to escape from many dangerous situations but can also attack him with the help of other players. If you join your forces, maybe you could beat the fearsome murderer. 

Also, there is a little story. The game takes place in Bakon’s home. The players are somewhat friends of Bakon, a normal boy. But the problem is that Bakon has been disappeared the last few days, so they go to his house to look for him.

As a result, the friends discover that Bakon has turned into a crazy assassin who wants to kill them all. And that’s where the game starts. You have to avoid Bakon’s attacks while you wonder what happened to your friend. Will it ever be known? Who knows.

Bakon Tips & Tricks

Bakon, the game, has been divided into different chapters. In every one of them, there are some keys that you need to find and collect before the timer reaches zero.

In addition to that, some clues about your friend Bakon will appear in the house. You have to discover what happened to him while you try not to be killed.

Bakon Main Items

In the game, you’ll be able to find many items that will help you not to get caught. Below are the main items you can use to escape from the white bacon-haired killer:

  • Common Keys:

This is easy. Get the keys to open many doors in the house and access new passageways and rooms.

  • Wood planks and scaffolding:

These are very useful items. Using them you’ll be able to reach new corridors and hidden places.

  • Purple key and yellow key:

These are two special kinds of keys that you can use to open chests and safes in Bakon’s house.

  • Plasma Cutter:

With this powerful item you can cut hard objects and discover what there is inside them or just unlock a passage.

  • Golden Scissors:

You can use this item to cut ropes and other not very hard elements.

Bakon Game Modes

You should be aware that in the Bakon game there are four different levels of difficulty, but they are disguised in the game modes. Choose carefully or you’ll be killed in less time than you could imagine:  

  • Bot:

This is the default. Artificial intelligence will control the killer and it will try to catch you.

  • Player:

In this mode, the killer will be controlled by a player, which is much dangerous than the previous one.

  • Player + Bot:

One step further in difficulty, this mode joins a human player with a second NPC (non-playable character). So you have two killers on the loose.

  • Double Trouble:

This is the hardest mode of all. Here you’ll need to escape from two killers, both controlled by humans.

What are the best and worst parts of Bakon?

Good elements:

  • Bakon is a good action game. There are many chapters with really engaging scenarios that will make you feel you are there.
  • It is a freemium game (you can play for free, but the full mode is paid), but there are a lot of free items and weapons available in the game.
  • Game graphics are very remarkable. They don’t have very high quality (as many other Roblox games) but they are impressive and manage to transmit sensations. 

Bad elements:

  • As we said earlier, Rokon is a freemium game and some items and features are only available by paying with real money.
  • It is not a recommended game for the youngest kids, as they could get scared. Parent supervision should be applied.
  • The beginning of the game is a bit limited in options, but if you continue playing, you’ll find lots of new elements to have fun with.

Bakon Promo Codes

Hey! here you have a bunch of promo codes to have more possibilities to escape from the Bakon killer. Remember to respect uppercase and lowercase letters:

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Bakon is a survival game in Roblox, very much aligned with the famous horror game Piggy. But here the premise is pretty weird. A friend of yours has disappeared, so you go to his house to look for him and he… has become a monster!

Now, your friend Bakon is a psycho killer that will pursue you and your friends and has strands of hair like bacon slices. It’s very funny and strange.

Run as much as you can, collect dozens of items, and get the keys in every level to reach the end of the chapters. Just have fun while you survive Bakon.