Zoom Cloud Meetings

Use Zoom to contact your loved ones, to work from home, to achieve new studies and enjoy real-time video calls. You could stay connected wherever you go, making, receiving and managing calls, with the best video meeting quality.

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Characteristics of Zoom Cloud Meeting

• You can use Zoom for many different purposes. There are no limitations, you will be able to create a meeting with just a few people, or even up to 100 participants.
• Zoom aims to be the meeting app par excellence, so it is optimized to be downloaded on any device such as PCs, smartphones or tablets.
• Zoom offers good quality video and audio, although this will also depend on your devices. In any case, Zoom tries its best to provide satisfactory quality for your video calls.
• Easy to use. Anybody will be able to join a meeting thanks to a link or code.
• Zoom allows you to use different apps while using it. For example, you will be able to use Google Drive or Dropbox to share photos or videos from Zoom.
• Different options available: be the administrator of a meeting and perform any necessary actions.

FAQ about Zoom Meeting Cloud

Why should I download and install this app?

Zoom is a good option if you want to join a meeting with many people (up to 100) at the same time, or make the most of many tools and options; that’s the problem with Skype, it only allows meetings of up to 50 people.

Does Zoom work in all devices?

You can see the device requirements by clicking here.
If your device meets the requirements, don’t hesitate to download it.

Do I need anything else to use Zoom?

In order to make the most of all the options and get a brilliant experience, you should possess a webcam, a microphone and a big screen. That’s why people recommend using a laptop or PC.

In summary

Due to the problems we are enduring because of Covid-19, we need a powerful meeting app, such as Zoom. In addition, you can use different tools and options which other meeting apps don’t provide.