Yubo is the perfect app for those who want to have tons of fun with people from all over the world. If you are tired of playing with the same people the same games over and over, then Yubo has the solution for you, and even for your friends. Become an internet star and create your own community through Yubo. Connect with people, play games, and enjoy the app!

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Some important characteristics you should know about Yubo

  • People using Yubo can connect with users from all over the world, not only with locals who are near you.
  • One thing that Yubo added is that people can directly stream what they are watching on YouTube. People can easily share what they are hearing or watching in Yubo.
  • Yubo is partnered with Snapchat. This has given the app some amazing features that everyone can use. For example, people can use Snapchat lenses to make funnier photos.
  • People can live stream more than what they are doing on YouTube. People can create live streams, invite people, and start dancing, sing, or just simply talk with other users.
  • Yubo allows all its users to chat with other people in the app. People will need to previously add someone to properly chat with them.
  • Yubo added some in-app games that people can play to with their friends or when joining to a chat room.

Some FAQ of Yubo

Is the Yubo app safe?

Yes! Yubo is a pretty safe app, it is even partnered with Snapchat.

What age is Yubo for?

Yubo is mostly used by young people. The most common age is 21, but people from 19 to 30 are the ones who use it the most.

What is Yubo used for?

Yubo is used for talking with other people, live streaming what you are doing, or simply playing games with your friends.

Is Yubo app free to use?

Yubo is a freemium app. This means that people can use it for free, but will need to pay to get access to some features.